Tuesday, August 16, 2011

so much more

you and i and we

we know
there's so much more
than this
so for now
settling here
let's enjoy ourselves
and each other
there's so much here
there's so much more
than this


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I'll take the first and the last line...

"You and I and we know,
There is more than this!"

What a very promising and hopeful line.
I love it!


Titus said...

'so much more than this' - ah yes, and sometimes I rejoice and sometimes I despair. Life.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I echo Titus's comments - so true.

steven said...

jj - 'cause you and i know that there is ... so much more than this!! steven

steven said...

titus - yah. i'll take what there is and hope for all the rest! steven

steven said...

hello weaver! a nice echo! steven

Linda Sue said...

agree with Titus...Sometimes I think that this is all there is and it is what you make it- so you had better make it good! Absolutely in love with your header photo- what a gorgeous shot- Yellow ochre, sienna, umber , sap and blue- yummy!My favorite pallet
_ verification word- HYDRA

steven said...

linda sue the photograph was from a wetland i found on the one day off i took from my big bike ride which i finished just two days ago. i'm still recovering so i feel like i'm sort of here and sort of not here. energy comes in bundles. when there's more of a flow to it then i'll be happier! steven

hope said...

Thanks for the reminder...it answers my question on a bad day of, "Is this really the best I can do?"

No, thankfully there's more...thankfully you pointed it out.

steven said...

hey hope - it's not only about the best you can do because there's always that little bit better that you know you're capable of but maybe can't quite reach. i'm thinking about the richness of this experience of our life as well. the mundanities are always there, and right alongside them are alleyways and tunnels and cannons ready to fire you off into deep space. steven