Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i know

i know
in all the quiet suffering
a tenderness
an opportunity to sense
will arise

it can feel
like an opening
as if a doorway has come ajar
and revealed a room
in which the window has been left open
letting in a breeze

a breeze with cool fingers
that move quickly
across the room
as if given
the wish
to express in their soft touch
the words "i know"

and when i feel
that soft touch
i know


Jinksy said...

an opportunity to sense
will arise

And you never miss a single one...

aguja said...

Beautiful and sensitive, Steven. Your words waft over one like a gentle and refreshing breeze.

hope said...

That seems especially comforting after a commute home to the tune of politicians yelling, "It's not my fault, it's YOUR fault!"


Thank you for a moment of sweet sanity. :)

steven said...

jinksy - i think i miss many but i share what i can. thanks for your kindness here!! steven

steven said...

aguja - i'm a bit adrift - much like a breeze - right now, your words are very kind. thankyou. steven

steven said...

hope - i can't read any of the stuff about the american politicians hassling over the budget. there's so much that isn't being said and really to my mind, that's what the american public should be hearing about and talking about, not the gamesmanship and political monkey business that is masqerading as sensitive and compassionate decision-making. rant is now over. thanks for your kind comment! it's nice to be in a place that allows for goodness to be shared. steven