Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i can see your tracks

for as long as i have known my self i have hovered on the fringe of whatever i am doing.
wherever i am.
i like the distance!
but it's lonely at times.

so i'm grateful for the gentle and good centre of my living as i have come to know it as a pre-mature man.
in fact i am very very grateful.

the golden fish tells something of my relationship with that special place.

i'm grateful to have the opportunity to not only have a means by which to share this relationship, but to have incredible, smart, creative, lovely, loving, clever, insightful, talented, motivating, supportive people
along for the journey.


look in the mirror of your knowing of yourself - you are a blessing!

as i fly across the face of this digitized experiencing of
people who are riding the same sort of train while travelling in a kazillion different directions and exchanging riffs and glyphs and signs and signifiers
i realize - well i've known from the start - that i couldn't have anticipated or even dreamed this up.
i really couldn't - and i'm an imaginative person.
so thankyou.
each and every one of you.

i would wish to tell each of you how you are in my life and how that presence is so unlikely and extraordinary and especially how it has given me the courage to express more of myself - again as never before -
but i'll let my work here and the work you don't see - yet - speak for that special relationship.


i really admire laura veirs for her ability to create intimate small spaces with enough edginess
to make me sit up and listen.
the video alone - well it's charming and disarming . . . . .


Dan Gurney said...

Gadzooks steven!! That's exactly how I have been feeling tonight. I could have said almost exactly the same thing. In fact on this evening's post, which I just finished writing and posting, I mention you and your blog as particularly important to me. I even posted one of the cloud photos you put up yesterday here. So, my good friend, the feeling is mutual.

Be well.

Jj Rodriguez said...

Thank you for the wonderful posts... It's part of my everyday routine...


Jinksy said...

exchanging riffs and glyphs and signs and signifiers

You've hit the nail bang on the head with that description of Blogland Blogpals! Ones like you make it the magical place it is.

Susannah said...

I am a relatively new arrival to your blog - following one of those breadcrumb trails that lead me through the paths of cyberspace and here to you.

I am glad I did. :-)

"exchanging riffs and glyphs and signs and signifiers" - wonderful! . . .as is the song and video you included in this post.

Good to 'meet' you.

erin said...

how can i not smile and say
steven, thank you too.

i laugh this early morning with you and laura veirs.

(fringe? me too, in my ordinary way.)


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

As you say, what an absolutely charming little video. Who could not be delighted with the innocence of it all?

We have discovered your most interesting and unusual blog via the comment which you left on Friko's recent post. You write in a very honest and deeply felt way and we shall much look forward to continuing the journey with you.

Anonymous said...

I was too distracted by the deer to hear the music. Poor deer.

I find this blogging experience to be strange and wonderful as well, a window into the minds of complete strangers who then become friends.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Charming is just the right word, Steven.

Ruth said...

That's it, isn't it. I feel it so strongly. I would not be who I am today without my blog journey, with friends and all those adjectives that describe them/you. It's such a delight.

The video knocks me out. Many things about it, I don't even know quite how to do something with it. In a way, I feel bad, because I know I will move on from it, away, as if it didn't mean what I feel it means to me in this moment. There will be more such moments, more connections, more wonders and miracles. And on I will walk. I want to pause on everything and live in slo mo.

Thanks for you.

aguja said...

Echoing, echoing these sentiments captured for the page ... igualmente ... is the word I need. I have discovered that I am comfortable 'on the fringe' and have settled in there - so welcome, Steven, and a great many more of us, I am sure. And blog people can be wonderful soulmates in the sharing of words.

steven said...

hi dan and thanks for the kind props! it would be easy to take all that is shared through this medium and to trivialize it because it is digital but i am truly grateful for the experience and especially for the good people i share it with - like you! steven

steven said...

jj - thankyou for the privilege. steven

steven said...

hello susannah and welcome! i just came back from a tour of your photographs and writing and art. wow! you're so talented and so prolific! i'm looking forward to spending more time in your worlds. steven

steven said...

jinksy thanks very much! steven

steven said...

erin - there's nothing ordinary about you!!! thank goodness. steven

steven said...

hello and welcome jane and lance, i am very interested in the stories and photographs you have posted in your blog. you live in a world very much outside of my own experiencing! steven

steven said...

hi lilith, it affords a quality of intimacy if the blogger presents themselves in truth. steven

steven said...

charming it is weaver! steven

steven said...

ruth - watch the video without the sound and consider what you're seeing both in the film and in yourself. then you can run with the learning. steven

steven said...

aguja - i have a comfort level with the fringe of some aspects of life indeed if it weren't for the sanctity of that place i likely wouldn't achieve all that i do. steven

hope said...

Wouldn't start a day without you.

Although I do admit to sometimes saving your blog for evening to salve over a rotten work day. ;)

I'm glad you share...makes the world a better place.

Friko said...

dear steven,

you are the restful place I come to refresh my spirit. Here I find peace and calm and beauty.

Thank you for being here for me.

steven said...

hope i'm so flattered and then wishing that you were able to live your life in full and complete joy - work being a part of that joy. i've worked in places where the equation of the goodness i brought was not balanced by the goodness i received but i stayed because there was a learning that was so patently obvious to me but i needed it all the same. is it like that for you? steven

steven said...

goodness friko - really?! i am so thankful for the decision you made to share your world with us. i strongly encourage comment readers to drop by friko's blog and step into her world. steven

Pauline said...

no thanks needed, steven - this exchange of ideas and thoughts, of images and creativity is a two-way street. you give as much as you get - thanks for that!

Jo said...

How sweet, how beautiful, and how gratifying to come back to your blog today to find this beautiful post.

I love your description of the milieu in which we find ourselves. To me it's like some kind of miraculous petri dish, with great ideas multiplying and exploding before us in ever-expanding directions.

Love sharing the lab with you, dear friend. ♥

hope said...

Either my once earnest plea to learn to be more patient is being d-r-a-w-n out a little too much (proving God has a sense of humor) or I'm doing something right that I can't see today, but will one day.

It's not the seniors, it's the higher ups and their silly games. It gets tiresome trying to avoid jumping through their invisible hoops.

Thankfully, you have a peaceful playground I can re-center myself on. :)

steven said...

jo it's thrilling to see you back up and around really it is!!! steven