Saturday, June 18, 2011


william merrett chase mrs. chase in prospect park

we usually find
what we're looking for:

an idea that has its basis
in some far-flung moment
some substance
of the most insubstantial nature
corroborated and then held in place
by the most insidious
and unlikely
of all forces -

sustained over time
and through space
and experience
and wisdom
and perspective

it leads to this moment
of resignation . . .

it is what it isn't.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Wise words as ever steven. Your blog has become my thought for the day.

Ruth said...

This is an interesting mind path. Still working on it. I love it with this painting, and the ambiguity, which I can live with.

Rachel Fenton said...

Sometimes the not knowing are what I wish for.

Elisabeth said...

An intriguing thought, Steven, this notion that we usually find what we're looking for.

It makes me think of that saying 'be careful what you wish for, you might get it,' and it also makes me think of the notion of desire and how desire is at its peak when it's not met, just tantalised. Thanks.

Liza Ursu said...

by the most insidious
and unlikely
of all forces -
oh man, those words invite, and bite!
"it is what it isn't."
I have to tell you that letting go has been a big thing for me. But then now I know, the process is,
co-creative. I still find myself fighting it though, wanting to control the ride, instead of enjoying it.

Fantastic piece Steven, and I love your choice of artwork. Yeah!

steven said...

weaver - i know you well enough to know you have your very own brilliant, insightful and gentle thoughts. but thankyou for that kind comment. steven

steven said...

ruth - i'm thinking about how we set expectations for ourselves in regard to so much and how those expectations when met often look very little like what we expected. in the image i had a sense of mrs. chase reflecting on how she had closed the space between what she wanted and having it but that there was a degree of resignation in recognizing that it wasn't entirely what she wanted. steven

steven said...

rachel - me too. there's something powerful and unseating about the not knowing that makes for interesting living. steven

steven said...

elisabeth - yes! it's about the space between the imagined and the actual. steven

steven said...

liza thanks so much. there are moments, days, years, phases where the space between what i imagined and what is are so very close that it feels as if i wished my life into being. which i think with good enough blinkers on is possible. but there are other times when i see quite clearly that i got what i needed. steven

Meri said...

I have been working with the concept of core beliefs and how they insidiously guide our choices so we can prove them right. . . a wonderful thing if our core beliefs are enhancing and joyful, not so great if we see ourselves as being unworthy and limited.

steven said...

hello meri!! that's difficult and revealing work. i know. a turning point in my life came after a year of work on this very piece. self-perception as self-fulfilling prophecy. a nice loop that leaves you being someone else. steven