Saturday, June 4, 2011

forming the air

henryk siemiradzki

just as
there are eyes that cannot see
and mouths that cannot say

there are words that cannot be sung
and sounds
that cannot be played

the music
that passes
through the musician
arrives without expectation

it plays the musician

as in our purest moments
we are all God
opening in joyous humility
goodness and kindness

learning to play


aguja said...

Fantasic post. I love this poem - it speaks volumes.

steven said...

thankyou aguja - i woke very early this morning and needed to change some of it so perhaps it's still feeling its way here. steven

Pauline said...

that's one of the most interesting descriptions of God I've read

steven said...

hello pauline! i figure everything is God . . . what we know as "real" is a signpost. love, beauty, goodness my body, everything are all doorways. beneath the surface of this world there are riches. in my experiencing of this world and my representation here, i try to show what happens when you dig ever so slightly. then the real work begins. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Truer words have never been written. God definitely plays us. Some of us are more skillful at others at putting that energy out into the world, but we all do it. I believe it.

Do you know the Nouvelle Vague song "In a manner of speaking" ? Great lyrics.

Reya Mellicker said...

Here's a link to the youtube video.

Bee said...

I'm visualizing myself as a stringed instrument as I read this through for the third time. I wonder what other chords I will discover.

Yours is always a thoughtful place, Steven. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Saturday.

Here in England: there is a lovely cool breeze gusting from my open window . . . and I'm listening to Bon Iver sing "Woods."

steven said...

reya - thanks. those words are available as knowledge to everyone who wants to know what's out there to know. then those words come to life - literally they come to life. in my own knowing of the world, when truth comes to life then life changes for everyone. there's tons of precedence!! nouvelle vague i know by name and maybe by sound but i can't place the song. steven

steven said...

reya thanks for placing the song. i listened to the lyrics and the music - so romantic and then also there are depths and colours and music pushing through all the thin filmy barriers. steven

steven said...

bee, the details of my life are relatively mundane - to me. but the thoughtfulness bears sharing and so here it is. i'm very glad that today's writing reached you. i'm listening to bon iver's woods as i write back! thanks for the idea. one day i'd like to know how you made the transition to very english englishwoman from your american upbringing. steven

Linda Sue said...

So it all comes down to this, aye? Playing (with) yourself? An't think of a better playmate!

steven said...

linda sue - have fun! steven

Jinksy said...

Couldn't agree more, the music plays the magician. :)