Friday, June 10, 2011

inside a riddle (i)

by the terms of this world
hope is placed inside all things

to give it life
to help it pass
through and overcome
the darkened days of sighs
and the lonely whispering nights


in a world
that has hope staring into the mirror-filled
face of itself
each and every moment
why are
the maps to its location
so often missing?
why are the paths often overgrown and shy?


each signpost
points earthwards and skywards
inwards and outwards

the task of finding and following
the routes they point to
is left entirely
to the chance occurrence
of you


Ruth said...

There is flow here, Steven, right into my heart along with the dragonfly mandala I just viewed, the dragonflies facing out around the edge of the circle. If we each find our pathway to hope, beauty, and light, it's all we can do, and it is much.

steven said...

hi ruth. hope is one of the qualities that allows for the work i engage in to acquire substance in this world. without it, i would probably still be reading about life as it can be lived instead of actively living it. steven

ellen abbott said...

oh the impulses that take us on the path.

steven said...

ellen - i wonder where they come from? steven

Tess Kincaid said...

The pathways are indeed often shy. Just one step at a time. Slowly.

hope said...

Which is one of the reasons I chose "hope" to go by in cyberspace. :)

Some call it naive, I call it optimistic. Then again, my state motto is, "While I breathe, I hope".

And I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful weekend!