Saturday, June 11, 2011

inside a riddle (ii)

hope so wishes to enter this world
that it will stand
at the doorway
of the little house of possibility
until someone
makes their way
through the woods
and knocks on the door

no matter
that there may not be an answer
they must open the door
and step inside
wide open

no matter that they will see an empty room
lit by a wedge of light
passing through a small window

no matter that they will look around
in bewilderment
for some thing

hope has no form

until it leaves the little house
in the form of you


SG said...

Brilliant thoughts, and beautifully expressed. It is hope that has kept so many alive; indeed, it is hope that keeps me going.

steven said...

hello SG - hope in fullness, allows doorways to open to so much. no matter the details of life, if hope is given its place then possibilities abound. steven

R. Burnett Baker said...

I've often said that "hope" is such an empty concept. Your last line changes my perspective.


steven said...

rick - i consider hope a friend. it is always by my side when i need it. steven

JJRod'z said...

hope is what is left for me to have a happy life in a new found land...

nice post...


steven said...

jjrod'z . . . my father might have said something similar when he arrived here in canada 46 years ago.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

This lovely reflection gives the reader (this reader anyway) delight and a responsibility ... to be, bear and carry hope.