Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the unlikeliness of it all (ii)

are like the seeds
of something wished

perhaps already done
and forgotten
or overlooked

or perhaps still waiting to become

they stop
and gather
to become better acquainted
with their surroundings

like angels

for the place in which
their purpose can be realized
to greatest effect

we see them hovering

seemingly caught


just waiting
for the windsong
of a soul
to blow them to ground


Rachel Fenton said...

What time is it, Mr Wolf? Seed time.

Gorgeous photos, Steven. Thanks.

Elisabeth said...

Dreams, indeed, Steven. I enjoy the light and fluffy appearance of these seeds - squashed dandelion seeds to me.

Friko said...

The beauty of it all is what takes my breath away.

steven said...

rachel - interesting. when i first saw these seeds caught on a prickly twig i thought they were lambswool. steven

steven said...

hello elisabeth - milweed seeds caught after being blown out of the pod. steven

steven said...

friko - i'm right there alongside you in that thought. steven

Golden West said...

And I thought it was a feather...

Reya Mellicker said...

Hundreds of pearlescent hearts, Steven. Thank you.

Linda Sue said...

This poem is so multi faceted- it means so many things to me- of course I have copied it and put it right there, in front of me for an everyday fix. Really, this poem is so timely for me right now! For so many reasons!
Milk weed that looks like down or cashmere and gets to ride on a breeze ever so gently- and then snuggle down into the earth to germinate- what a lovely weed.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi, beautiful captures.. i really liked..

steven said...

golden west - fur, wool, feather, seed. all surfacings with the same intention. the same understandings arise. steven

steven said...

reya - phoosh! kundalini rush up the spine and through the top of my head. steven

steven said...

linda sue what made this really special for me was that it's so late in the year. i think of the "season' for settling down to earth as passed. yet like me, it so very isn't. some seeds get caught on prickly branches and eventually the wind gets wind of this and pulls them off the sticking place and lets them go to ground. just like people. steven

steven said...

hello my argentinian friend. i appreciate your comment. especially as your own work is so very good and clever. steven

Jo said...

Steven, this idea seems not unlikely at all...quite the opposite! feather-winged angels, pearlescent hearts, whisper-soft butterflies, and tiny faeries. "Looking for the place in which their purpose can be realized."

The mysterious, gossamer wings of hope.

steven said...

hi jo! when i'm thinking of unlikeliness it's more in awe than doubt. from your words i'd say we're understanding all of this in a very similar way! steven