Saturday, December 18, 2010

just so

just so -
the hands

just so -
the fingers

a woman
and outside
of her self

forming inside
and around
a sky filled
with the sun's
evening songs

falling against the air
with all her colours
and words
as the sky whispers
the day's end
in a voice edged with burnt umber
soft with violet
and creased
with lilac and gold


Dejemonos sorprender said...

Mm, so beautiful pictures.. colours at this moment of a day are really magical.. is a very nice moment:)

Pauline said...

I like that it's a woman and not some king with gorgeous robes:) This line is especially evocative: "alling against the air
with all her colours"

Lovely image!

Reya Mellicker said...


I know I say that every day, but ...

WOW. A voice edged with burnt umber? Oh yeah.

Happy Saturday, Steven.

R. Burnett Baker said...

Beautiful. Upon my second reading, I sensed that this woman is Mother Earth. And your photos capture the spirit of your poem to her perfectly.

Thank you for your comment on my latest. It was a poem in and of itself. I left a reply to you there...


Linda Sue said...

Sigh....sometimes just speech less...sigh."Falling against the air"- "tinged with burnt umber"...Phrases such as these stay with me like partial rememberings of a dream the night before- love the photos- sunset so intense the sky cracked, colour on top of colour.Yummy!

steven said...

thankyou matiz!! steven

steven said...

pauline - i've never really been sure about gender and the very big pieces of this world like the moon, the sun, the sky, oceans. they have qualities of both the basic genders. this sky was so rich and deep and the little leafless sapling in front so willowy and slender that the two spoke to each other and then to me. steven

steven said...

reya - happy so true!! i'm making better friends with the wintertime and that's a very good thing. then also the seasonal school pieces are passing by which takes and leaves great energy!!!
i really liked making this piece for the blog today. is it wrong to say that? as i took the photographs i felt like i was watching something truly special. steven

steven said...

hi rick! thankyou for the kind comment on your blog. you're one talented write. you've got such a sense of the very big and how to present it in the sparest of writing. beautiful!! steven

steven said...

linda sue - i so enjoyed writing this - i actually enjoy everything to do with bringing this blog to the surface but there are some photos and some pieces of writing that truly hum for me. i'm so glad you find the same!!! steven

Rachel Fenton said...

This made me so happy. Thanks.

deb said...

I "lost " you from way back, glad to have made my way back through the wonderful Lorenzo.

and it's nice to meet a fellow Ontario blogger as well!

stay warm..

looking forward to reading and enjoying your words and photos.

Jingle said...


Jingle said...

End of The Year Awards 4 Friends of Jingle or Jingle Poetry Community

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xxx

keep up the excellence,

link a poem to our potluck tomorrow, give us the cheers to continue...

steven said...

rachel i'd like to know what about this made you happy. file that under "strange requests"! steven

steven said...

hello deb!!! you're never lost, just finding your way to where you need to be!! a nice connection to re-establish though and through the extraordinary lorenzo!!! i'm also pleased to walk alongside another "local" writer. steven

steven said...

jingle - thankyou and thankyou for the invite. i'll see what i can do. steven

Jo said...

I've been traveling and will need time to catch up with your poetry, but this one is exquisite. The images and the words are powerfully beautiful.

The colors in your photos are iridescent jewel tones.Maine today is like pewter; soft, grey, and malleable, obviously waiting for the solstice.