Sunday, December 5, 2010

setting sail

anne packard knows this moment . . . "sail"

i think that there are watershed moments in our lives
that feel like we're setting sail
you can sense them almost as they begin


scatter my wishes
drape my dreams
unfurl my hopes
let them
find tiny entanglements
across the landscape
and i'll happily call those my life


emily dickinson also knew this moment . . . .

setting sail

exultation is the going
of an inland soul to sea, --
past the houses, past the headlands,
into deep eternity!
bred as we, among the mountains,
can the sailor understand
the divine intoxication
of the first league out from land?


The Weaver of Grass said...

I find both of these very comforting at present steven.

steven said...

hello weaver! i'm always amazed at emily dickinson's writing . . . i'm happy that her words give you comfort. have a peaceful day in the dale. steven

Jo said...

Bon Voyage, Steven. May your tiny entanglements fill you with mighty happiness. Sail on.

steven said...

jo! thanks. every morning i feel like this at some point. some days it's like being adrift, other days it's like being on a ferry boat. i know where i begin and where i end. other days, it's like i'm alone in a small boat sailing off across the landscape of this place. steven

Linda Sue said...

Sailing frightens me- REAL sailing- halyards slapping- the panic of "rocks" and "deadheads"- getting yelled at by the captain- sailing is not my thing- REAL sailing- sailing through life however - with the ease of slipping through time, riding the wind, the tide is what we do, isn't it. Some with more grace than others.

Bonnie said...

How dreamy and peaceful! Packard's image and the words, yours and Emily's, cast an enticing invitation I cannot resist.

Reya Mellicker said...

I feel excited for you, cruising past all those intersections of fate. Very cool.

steven said...

linda sue i sailed once on a forty footer. rails dipping into the sea, me at the tiller, big sails billowing and us racing wildly. it was so extremely good. i like to read about people who sail around the world. it seems that they have something i think i wish i had. steven

steven said...

bonnie - sail away from the many ports of your knowing and assocation. steven

steven said...

reya . . . as you know, there's little intersections and big ones. the big ones have usually bowled me over because i was so unprepared, so fearful. the little ones are manageable and have learning in them that i can manage immediately. i wish i was a braver, stronger person so that as fate opened up i was able to walk through her door. regardless of the scale. steven

Golden West said...

And, happily, there can be much excitement and anticipation just embarking on a new day! I was just commenting the other day to a friend that some nights I can barely fall asleep, so excited am I for what the coming day might have in store!