Monday, December 13, 2010

gold and light

yesterday reya wrote a piece about light.
it's essential reading - it's about an essence - a simple and lovely truth regarding sunlight.

i wanted to write something when i read her words.

so this is for you reya - with gratitude!

in the spring
light reaches as much from the earth
as it falls from the sun
it strokes the air with pale green-gold fingers
and gentle

it knows itself
in the birth of grass and small plants

breathing in

breathing out

it calls itself

in the summer
light pours from the skies
generously spooned into the earth's heart
thick and gold
then blood-orange
it knows itself
in the act of love

breathing in

breathing out

it calls itself

when fall arrives
the sun becomes melancholy gold
filled with questions
and whispered promises
it knows itself
in the eyes of the solitary traveller

breathing in

breathing out

it calls itself

as winter approaches
the light becomes thin and pale
and so, more precious even than gold
drifting like the thinnest silk
through the silvered crystalline sky
it knows itself
in the water
that flows beneath the ice

breathing in

breathing out

it calls itself



Kathleen said...

Oh, Steven! I shall return to this post many many times. I feel as though I have been taken on a guided meditation by one who is becoming, who spreads compassion and beauty by describing, who has the loveliest intentions, who understands inception. Thank you. I will most certainly get to the essential reading. Blessings.

Golden West said...

What a lovely way to start the day - thanks, Steven!

Valerianna said...

Nice journey. I particularly love the last, winter photo.... must be the bare-branches touching sky.

Reya Mellicker said...

THere is a tear in my eye, Steven. The best kind of emotion, welling up and spilling out. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

Was this a collaborative piece? I LOVE THAT.

Thank you for writing the poem I couldn't, and for naming the sunlight. Wow. Thanks. Love.

Jo said...

am so fortunate to count Reya as one of my closest friends. "Essential Reya" has been a staple of my daily reading for some time now. She, like you, has the ability to see the poetry in our world.

This poem, a sort of joint effort of two beautiful minds, is a masterpiece. Many thanks to both of you for sharing your extraordinary gifts!

Liza said...

"generously spooned"
I just love that!

it calls itself
Steven this post is just marvelous, and has me thinking about so many things, just as Reya's has. Thanks for that!
The cyclical nature of things, including light.
I'm on such a journey in my mind!

California Girl said...

This is lovely. Found you via Reya.

Cyndy said...

After reading your poem I feel calmer and happier than I have in quite a while. Thank you to you and Reya for such beautiful descriptions of the light.

Pauline said...

You never fail to impress me with your depth of understanding of all things natural and with your marvelous way with words.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

As always gorgeous pictures.. i loved it:) and your words are lovely.. a pleasur stopping by..

Dan Gurney said...

when the mind is clear
nature's suchness
filled with beauty
reveals itself
as both kindness and compassion

and the heart glows warm

poetry and song
sweeten your breath

breathing in

breathing out

it calls itself

steven said...

dan i'm really thrilled to read your words. this has a life of its own!!! steven

steven said...

reya thankyou for the words that brought about these words. i'm really grateful!!! steven

steven said...

kathleen, this writing really wrote itself. reya let it into the world and then it was there. i'm very grateful for your generous comment. steven

steven said...

jo, it was such a thrill to see reya's words and to know that there were more contained inside. i find that a lot with her writing because she distills her writing such that adding the water of thought and sensitivity allows for them to grow. thanks for your kind comment. steven

Ruth said...

I like seeing how Reya's words inspired you and Pauline to write your own. I am inspired by all light, and when winter comes, the blue just sends me. Good word: inception.

Bee said...

These are truly "inspired" words, Steven.

Veronica said...

Your photos and poetry are absolutely stunning!! Thank you for sharing!