Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the right place

i can't place the moment
when i began to feel most at home
and most available to creative energy
in places that feel lonely
or isolated

it's an element of me
that i can't express clearly in words

it's a feeling

a deep feeling

i've felt it on the moors of north yorkshire
the northeastern coastline of england
the gatineau hills of quebec
and now the shoreline of prince edward island


some parts of it are defined
by the sky

and some parts of it are defined
by the sound of the wind

as it moans through the wires
of lonely poles

some parts of it are defined
by great open spaces

but the whole of it
is contained
in a feeling of rightness

that feeling of being
in the right place
for the right reasons

this is where i would build a house
with a studio attached

where i would paint
and work in stained glass

the view southwest

the view west

it's a wish really.

here's the walk - i made the ten km round trip three times.

worth it.
so very worth it.


ALeks said...

Is this for real??
The first photo,is it a photo,what have you done to make it like that? I mean.....Ill quit with everything,no photography,no painting,nothing any more from me,when I see this,specially the first one.... its classic already,old masters school only it is the jong master Steven's school!
Thank you!

PS and no,not at all,no blame for this space,beauty on Earthly heaven, if you get yourself there in the right time!! Good luck!

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like you are so comfortable in your own skin and you enjoy being in out there places not packed like a sardine in a crowded city. Your photos show that about you.

steven said...

aleks- it's a phoograph of part of the shore of the island i stayed on. all the photos are real. but don't stop creating for that!! if i end up on that island it'll be when i retire - which is seven years from now - i think it is possible. for now it's a wish which is much more powerful than a dream in my world!!! thanks for the generous comment. steven

steven said...

technobabe - i love to visit the city. i live in a small city - seventy-thousand people - and i could live here the rest of my life, but i am drawn to the big empty spaces because in fact they aren't empty at all they're just filled in a different way!!! have a lovely day. steven

ellen abbott said...

that first picture is astounding! The others are amazing as well. No wonder you are drawn there.

steven said...

ellen thankyou so much! i noticed that because there was so much space i was more inclined to take in the entire expanse of my surroundings. i looked around me and the light was exceptional - even when it was overcast or cloudy. steven

Annie said...

Thank you for sharing these photographs. They help to convey the peace you feel, being there. To me, these are not lonely places, but, as you say, places filled up differently. Foliage, sky and water are forever changing in ways we find renewing. I like your dream of painting and stained glass. It's a beautiful quality of light there.

Rachel Fenton said...


Linda Sue said...

LOVE your right place- Winter photos would be interesting contrast...just to experience frozen right. Beautiful place from your camera!!!