Wednesday, August 18, 2010


summer for me
is a time of turning inwards
and outwards
at the same time

slow and sometimes
even deliberate

a time of doing
and undoing

creating and recreating

and revoking

and in the quiet times
we meet
(my self and i)
in the clouds
that pass overhead

and we talk
and listen
about all that is and was
and even what might be

yes there's plenty

yes some

as we turn
inside and out
within and without


Jenny Stevning said...


alaine@éclectique said...

Beautiful cloud shots; I'm floating...heavenly...

Elisabeth said...

Amazing clouds, Steven. Summer about to burst?

willow said...

Magnificent. Wyeth would be giddy.'s clouds' illusions I recall...

steven said...

jenny - it's amazing what hovers above - the greatest art show of all! steven

steven said...

alaine - thankyou. i like to wander among the clouds in my mind. early in the morning that's often very easy!!! steven

steven said...

elisabeth - you read me like a book. i'm caught this week between finishing the home projects and beginning the school setup work that will be a little more challenging this year as i'm teaching two grades. turmoil, beauty, confusion and grace will be te guiding features of the next two weeks i'm sure!! steven

steven said...

ahhh willow - i rendered these in black and white and took out the wyeth blue. i'm glad you're still liking them!!! cloud's illusions . . . oh yes! steven

NanU said...

Stunning cloud shots, steven! sometimes the clouds around here are so pretty in the evening they make me trip all the way home.

Liza said...

and revoking"
Perfect words.
Perfect shotts.
Thanks for sharing.

ellen abbott said...

stunning cloud pics steven.

Valerianna said...

You're on a photo roll....! Last few days I've been revising classes and syllabi and getting ready for school that starts next Friday. College starts early, but we get out in early May, so, trade-off. Mixed blessing, starting up, it so very inspiring to teach, though my time of internal focus will shift next week... with the seasons, and so it is.