Wednesday, March 31, 2010

winter pulls away

winter pulls away

leaving streams
that burble
the promise
"i will return"


Jenny Stevning said...

I am curious to see what comes of your Spring and Summer.
Oh, the fond memories of how your true Autumn soothed my tired and achy soul in our long hot summer.

Coastcard said...

And here in Wales, the snow has returned in flurries of sleet!

steven said...

hi jenny stevning, this weekend should see spring thoroughly emerge. the weather is on the good side of zero and has been for a while now. evenings are cold but there's enough sun and warmth that the ground can release it's tender green shoots and let them see and be seen!! steven

steven said...

hello caroline - that will happene here. perhaps. some small snows have fallen through march but april looks to be a warm month. however . . . . steven

Elisabeth said...

As we march into autumn here in Australia in anticipation of winter, the cold will return to us, before you feel it again, but your snow seems so slow to leave and ours never comes.

hope said...

Spring has sprung for real here! Pollen turning the air yellow, me feeling guilty for all the trees which die so I can grab a tissue to breathe. :)

So I'm going to go out and plant something worthy this weekend...although I did get distracted by your new site. Nice!

willow said...

I was reluctant to see it go.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Your winter is so foreign to me. Imagine ice thawing to bring forth burbling brooks.