Saturday, March 20, 2010

deliquescence (ii)

in its ripples and whorls
a necklace of mirrors

their polished surface
and you will see
all the givens
and negotiables

the myriad allusions
to the transitory

each drop of water
in its deliquescent dance
a timeworn
to impermanence

what is
is not

what is beginning
is ending

it is here
it is gone

all in one moment

of being

(for dan gurney)


Dan Gurney said...

A stunning image.
A poem that brings us to NOW.
I'm honored, humbled.
How does such beauty, kindness
Echo in the Internet?

Jenny Stevning said...

You and Dan...************************

Dave King said...

This is as good as the previous one. Can't say more than that.

steven said...

dan - run through your mind the number of times i have felt compelled to thank you for providing a signpost or a waystation from which i can reconsider my understanding or better articulate my understanding! there's your echo!!! steven

steven said...

thankyou for the stars jenny!!! steven

steven said...

thankyou dave - 'nuff said! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, wow and wow (a necklace of deliquescent wows).

Damn you are so good, Steven!

steven said...

phew reya!. i'm just me.
oh, and thankyou very much . . . i'm so happy to be able to share what i see and what i am learning with such amazing people as yourself. steven

Heather Stevning said...

'thanks' from a silent follower who loves your blog most when it contains your own words and images-- a follower who often clicks away too soon, because your touching content feels unbearable to receive.

steven said...

hello heather - thanks for leaving a calling card here! i imagine there are a number of silent followers in blogland and that's very alright!! i visit some blogs and let the post carry itself without my comment because it's better that way. see you again. steven

Barry said...

Wonderfully done Steven. Another example of why I enjoy visiting your blog so much.

Friko said...

A scene and words made for dreaming.

steven said...

hello barry and thankyou very much! i'm glad to create a space that brings goodness into people's lives. truly i am! steven

steven said...

friko - i wish for you to have good dreams then! steven

BT said...

steven, I've just gasped my way through many of your posts since my last visit - too many to comment on but all beautiful in their own way. Your Auntie Margaret sounds like a star. Fantastic photos of snow and melting snow and ice. Phew. I'm all beautified out!

This poem is so touching. Beautiful.

Delwyn said...

Hi Steven

standing in the rain, feeling the drops on your face, hearing them plop on the water, smelling the fresh earth, how very now...

thank you Steven for enjoyment now...

Happy days

jinksy said...

Another face of the many sided NOW which links us all...Lovely. :)