Sunday, March 28, 2010

a factory window at night

a night time walk
past an old factory window

the only light on a darkened street

across the road
a cemetery

an almost complete

in the sky
a full moon
round and white
peers from behind
scudding clouds

there is no one around
to think it odd
as i sit on the curb
just my self -
this window

i've looked out
windows just like this
and now
i am older
i can look in
and treasure
its dusty orange glow

so much of my life
in the enfolding
of a march night


Terresa said...

The warm glow in the window is intriguing.

And we are looking into the window from the outside, and it mirrors our own "looking in" through our computer screen to your poem, your words, your blog.

Unfolding, even now, in this March night.


Elisabeth said...

That window looks to me like molten gold. Does someone live inside or is it lit for security? It seems a strange place on which to expend energy. I love your words associated with the 'unfolding... enfolding of a March night'.

steven said...

hello terresa - the photograph is from the outside of the window looking in. just as you thought! thankyou for your thoughtful comment. steven

steven said...

hello elisabeth - it actually does - i missed that! i loved the yellow,orange, red melting into each other which is what caught my eye. it's a small factory on a very quiet street - just as i described. it sent me back a few decades to a time when i worked in a similar factory and was on the inside looking out. i couldn't have imagined the me i am at that time. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Ahhh! It's sublime! The picture is one of the most intriguing images I've ever seen, so mysterious. Wow.

Linda Sue said...

There's that rich colour again...I want to scissor it off of my screen and wera it, wrap myself all up in it, warm and secure.

Barry said...

It is astonishing where beauty can be found, if only you look for it. You certainly have a great eye Steven.

steven said...

hello reya - for so long i looked out through a window like this. so as i sat on the curb opposite, it was as if the feelings of that time washed through me. there i was. then there i wasn't! steven

steven said...

linda sue - it's molten gold as elisabeth suggested. it's the body's security blanket! steven

steven said...

thankyou very much barry!! steven

Meri said...

I realized when I got to the end of your words that I was holding my breath, trying to keep the beauty inside.

Joanna said...

There's something about that golden colour that draws us in. Warmth maybe? Mystery? Riches? Another beautiful image Steven, especially the way it emerges out of the darkness. I adore old factories. There just aren't that many left. Is this one actually functioning?

Delwyn said...

Hi Steven

the golden fish gravitates towards all that is gold...

Happy days

steven said...

meri - there are so many stories behind our lives and each one would take a blog's lifetime to unpack. the story of me as a factory worker - well it's a ten year piece of me - and yet i cannot believe that it happened and as it happened. seeing this little window brought me to stop and sit and look and let it all flow through me. if i could tell you all of it i would but it wouldn;t be fair or useful. so this picture and these few words are what i have. steven

steven said...

delwyn - i've been graced with more and more "gold" through my life. not the gold i thought i would wish for and perhaps even acquire (when i was younger) but the gold of living full in the acceptance of how very very fortunate i am. is my life perfect? ha . . . not even close. but i've let go of perfect as a goal and made it a friend and so as i look at this little place and wonder at the amazing, extraordinary, talented, beautiful people who populate it i know i am truly gifted with the "gold" of good fortune. steven

Kay said...

....are you ok??..yes it is a beautiful window and it obviously connected to some part of you in the past....but sitting on kerbs in the middle of the night could be dangerous!!.... :-) xx