Sunday, March 14, 2010


is (my aunt)
margaret's birthday

she is not one
to sing her own praises
she is not one
to encourage others
to sing her praises

and yet
among the many legacies of her living
i know that
so much of what and who i am
comes from gifts
and otherwise
that margaret
has shared with me

a copy
of hermann hesse's
and a trip
to europe
at a tender
and critical age
opened worlds
that flowered from that point

my most treasured worlds!
worlds that became
my passion for writing
for art
for music
for thinking
for being
for doing

her greatest gift
for me
has been the quality with which
she lives her life

so thankyou!

happy birthday margaret!!!


Meri said...

Wonderful tribute to a lady who sparked your imagination and contributed to your becoming who you are. Happy Birthday, Margaret!

C.M. Jackson said...

Happy Birthday Margaret--how lucky you are to have her and she you!!

hope said...

Happy Birthday Margaret! Thank you for inspiring the gift which became our man of peace. :)

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

How blessed you are to have such a wise and wonderful aunt. She must be very proud of you too steven.
Happy birthday to Margaret!

Linda Sue said...

How lucky and delightful to have an Auntie such as she! Margaret has long been one of my favorite names- we named on of the sheep Margaret- Maaaaaaaargaret. My Godmother was named Margaret-only the best sorts can carry the magnificent name MARGARET- it is like a title, Your auntie is that- Happy Magnificent Birthday, dear Margaret.

Golden West said...

Really a lovely tribute, Steven.

To answer your question - my sis used to surf in contests back in the 60s when we were teenagers (at one point she was ranked in the top 4 in the US). Anyway, Duke Kahanamoku was still very active in the surfing world and a familiar face to us. Even in his advanced years, he was a remarkable man, gracious and kind, and still incredibly fit.

Coastcard said...

Penblwydd Hapus - to Steven's aunt, Margaret from Caroline here in Swansea, Wales! What a lovely tribute - and photo.

Friko said...

what a wonderful tribute to a much loved and appreciated aunt. You are fortunate to have her.

Wish her a happy birthday from another Hermann Hesse admirer and reader.

Liza said...

Happy belated birthday to your aunt.

"her greatest gift
for me
has been the quality with which
she lives her life"

I love that!
What an aunt!

ALeks said...

Happy belated birthday to you aunt Margaret, and I am singing for her,
sending flowers and smiles all the way from Holland, :O)
Congratulations Steven.

steven said...

hey everyone, thankyou for your kindnesses for my aunt margaret. she was just here in my house on a special visit!!! they're all special! steven