Friday, March 12, 2010

a night abroad

the great river
of life
flows under my feet

a small lantern
lights my way

and tells
others that i'm here

to either side of me
points of light
skip like semaphores
across the blackened surface

from shoreline waystations

edward willis redfield boothbay harbor at night


Elisabeth said...

I'd not heard of Boothbay harbour, so I Googled it and looked at some contemporary pictures. What a lovely place.

The painting here speaks of days gone by and it does not surprise me that such a tranquil harbor is now the beautiful place of today's tourist pictures.

Thanks Steven, I learn something new everyday.

Alaine said...

Peaceful, only the sound of water lapping...

steven said...

hello elisabeth - you're first again!! i really liked this painting and it is from days gone past but it certainly speaks to me now. have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

alaine i had that sense and also the silent accompaniment of others in their own boats. steven

Barry said...

Those fragmented messages I'm receiving are of warm peaceful summer night, Steven.

Of course, at this point in the winter, I'd settle for a semi-mild spring night.

willow said...

I'm glad I found your lantern, Steven. By the way, that light on the blue bottle on your sidebar is simply amazing!

jinksy said...

Serenity and a sense of wholeness are the gifts of this days post.

steven said...

hello barry - it is warm and summery in that picture barry - or at least, that's the sense i have. last night was nice enough to leave the window wide open. the snow is melting away but there's still lots left in the shadowy spaces. steven

steven said...

hey willow - i'm glad you knew to look! the blue bottle is part of a bottle wall in a very specail straw bale house i visited, more about that in a later blog. steven

steven said...

jinksy - i was hopign to share something of that through the words and the painting. steven