Sunday, January 31, 2010

unto thee i

unto thee i
burn incense
the bowl crackles
upon the gloom arise purple pencils
fluent spires of fragrance
the bowl
a flutter of stars
a turbulence of forms
delightful with indefinable flowering,
the air is
deep with desirable flowers

i think
thou lovest incense
for in the ambiguous faint aspirings
the indolent frail ascensions,
of thy smile rises the immaculate
of thy low
hair flutter the level litanies
unto thee i burn
over the dim smoke
straining my lips are vague with
ecstasy my palpitating breasts inhale the
of thy beauty,
my heart discovers thee
whom i

e.e. cummings


Golden West said...

Your second photograph looks so much like an Impressionist's painting, Steven!

steven said...

hi golden west, it's a day for incense and smeary photos. steven

ellen abbott said...

Lovely as always. I really like that second picture.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a phrase,"indolent frail ascensions." I am also very impressed by your second photograph. What kind of lens do you use?

Joanna said...

What gorgeous photographs Steven! I so look forward to seeing the treasures you create for us with words and images. Love the new header too.

Anonymous said...

The bumblebees are not really that heavy thought they look like it. The flower is a butterfly bush and the flower part is like a trumpet and that cone shaped end is stiff enough I suppose to prevent much of anything from bending it.

I will echo what Ellen said.

Boomer Pie said...

Steven, just happened to find your blog and I have to say that your profile description is one of the most introspective and beautifully written mind-journey-insights I've read in a long time. You got me as a new follower. Stop by my place for a juicy slice of life pie and return the favor if you like what you see.

steven said...

hi ellen - thankyou. i'm glad you like it. i shot it through a piece of glass pressed against the side of a vase! steven

steven said...

hi jennifer, i use an olympus e420. it has a lens that goes in and out when i grab it and turn it. that's all i know - honest!! steven

steven said...

hey joanna thankyou very much!! steven

steven said...

hi abe - thanks for the info about the bumblebee! they aren't supposed to be able to fly and then all the other things that they do including keeping nature growing just leaves me awestruck! thanks for echoing ellen. steven

steven said...

hello boomer pie and welcome. i'm glad that your journey brought you here and that you apreciated the profile i wrote so long ago. i'll be visiting right after i sign this off. steven

willow said...

Who knew Cummings could be so romantic? Your photos are amazing. They fit perfectly. Sigh.

steven said...

hey willow - it surprised me as well that he was so soft and sweet!!! thanks for the nice comment. steven

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Beautiful blog...the Rumi line is so apt- be the beauty that you admire...okay so I paraphrased it a bit! ee cummings was so creatively inventive...words, shapes, concepts...
hey, it's snowing on my page...there's magic here, Steven.

steven said...

cynthia pittmann - hey welcome and thankyou! there's tons of magic in the air!!!!!! nice to meet you. steven

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Very pretty words & photography... as always. Hope your weekend was grand!