Sunday, November 16, 2008

the lost jungle

there i was looking over the golden fish calendar of upcoming events and i got to thinking, surely to goodness it's got to be movie night soon - and hey, it is!!! hurray! tonight i've got a classic - "the lost jungle".
the lost jungle is the feature-length version of the 12-episode serial of the same name. legendary animal trainer clyde beatty plays himself, while the very pretty cecilia parker plays the role of his sweetheart ruth robinson. discreetly tucked away in the cast is one mickey rooney. see if you can spot him.

the plot has all the classic aspects of 1930's adventure . . . technology in the form of a dirigible, danger in "darkest africa", villains in pursuit of hidden gold. of course there's also the dashing hero and vulnerable heroine. in this case the film even includes a bevy of wild animals bent on making the hero and heroine into a dinner of sorts.

the lost jungle


Alan said...

that was a fun little romp. makes you wonder about how those animals were compensated for there services though! no doubt a less than pleasant existence...

steven said...

i dunno - a bucket of kibble every day and a nice warm cage - no cares to speak of . . . . i get your point though. this was filmed at a time when the distinction between man and beast was a lot more cut-and-dried than it is now.


Goldenrod said...

Well, that was fun, Steven! I'm pretty sure that my folks took me to see Clyde's act when I was a kid, but I don't remember it.