Tuesday, October 16, 2012

words to the boomers - hey thanks!

i think the great magical thing about the boomers is that they brought so much magic back to the forefront - well maybe i should be cautious and say - some of them brought so much magic to the forefront and then they pushed the envelope of understanding and perception and welcomed back pieces of the earth and her spirit and then also the spiritual - into this place and i am the grateful recipient of this wave of loving energy that is likely the first little pieces of wood on the great bridge that we as people (for now) are creating between what was and what will be and i cannot and don't really wish to forget the past but i can't settle into it's sometimes but not always and in every way sorry sad messed upness for too long because there's work to be done that doesn't benefit from me looking over my shoulder for too very long, so, i look forward and try my damndest to recognize my place in the great work and help get it done . . . cuz some day someone will wake up and not know about war or dopiness or malice or spite and i'd so like to think that perhaps through the collective efforts of people living their own simple lives in good ways and bringing whatever goodness they can into this world, that this simple vision . . . this simple possibility . . . can become what is. peace. love. out!


Jinksy said...

And Pooh Bear could not have expressed himself batter! LOL

erin said...

i hope it is so but even if it is not, i have to believe it is anyway. peace, love))))


steven said...

yeah erin - i have hope that is not pinned to anyone or anything . . .it just is . . and i work from there! steven