Monday, October 1, 2012

mirror skewed

i was sitting by a slow moving shallow river
watching the sky being just so
and forming into tender sweet clouds of white mist
oh so perfectly mirror skewed in the little
close to the shore ripples
of water stirred up by my children
whose excitement was whorled into
an oily smear carried
like a holy and other
washed out thin
and dissipated
it drifted


Linda Sue said...

as life is wont to do... LOVE love the photo It is a dip into a dreamy world of swirl and motion and depth.

steven said...

the river passed by and swirled into a little bay and this little spot in the picture was under an overhanging tree and the clouds and the tree swirled and whorled and then the little fallen yellow evergreen drifted into the picture and i couldn't believe my eyes until i got home and saw the picture . . . .steven