Sunday, October 7, 2012

petalled threshold

the altar

let us build here an exquisite friendship,
the flame, the autumn, and the green rose of love
fought out their strife here, 'tis a place of wonder;
where these have been, meet 'tis, the ground is holy.

ezra pound


Linda Sue said...

Good ol' grumpy Ezra. I bought a book of his poetry when I was in Venice- tried to find where he lived but of course got lost and side tracked. Thanks for this lovely little bit.

Valerianna said...

My forest clearing is full of those asters!

steven said...

linda sue i think he was a good looking boy in his younger days!! i missed the piece about him being a grouch! steven

steven said...

valerianna - they're like fireworks against dark green . . . lucky you! steven