Thursday, October 25, 2012

little lake

i ride past this scene each morning and most evenings.

it changes each and every day.

the slight expansivenesss of it always makes my heart swell

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Kathleen said...

I was just pondering this notion today, how everything changes each day, even if it appears to be the same for several days. Each rock is changed by virtue of it being another day older. Each leaf changes by virtue of absorbing the carbon dioxide I exhaled as I walked by. The steps leading out my door have changed as wind scrapes bits of dust and debris against them. It's really quite magnificent, isn't it? And it is useful for me to keep in my heart the understanding that all that I love and cherish changes and all that feels stagnant and immutable isn't. If only I could remember to adopt the geologist's or the anthropologist's notion of time, maybe I wouldn't be so restive. Do you know what I mean?