Saturday, October 20, 2012

these colours that wash

in the morning, i come down the stairs and past this window. 
if i pass this window at the right time
the sun passes through
the stained glass and throws
a tiny film of coloured light
across the banister
and if i stand behind the banister
the colours wash across my face

i think

because i can't see myself of course

with all the little colours

across my face


Meri said...

On the west-facing side of my house, I have leaded, beveled glass windows hanging in my dining room windows. In the afternoon, they shine rainbows all over the walls and floor. It's magical!

steven said...

hello meri!!! it's so lovely to cross paths with you again! i've been living in a relatively new (twenty plus years old) house for fifteen years and a month and a bit ago bought this eighty one year old house. it has creaky floors, wonky floors, makes all sorts of wonderful noises and i entirely love coming home to it!!!! but i know you know what i mean . . . . ! steven