Thursday, April 29, 2010

street night rain

making my way home
friends half a block ahead

darkened doorways
muted colours

hissing tires

the glistening
black skin of rain


light drunkenly reels into shadow;
blurs, slurs uneasily;
slides off the eyeballs:
the segments shatter.

tree-branches cut arc-light in ragged
fluttering wet strips.
the cup of the sky-sign is filled too full;
it slushes wine over.

the street-lamps dance a tarentella
and zigzag down the street:
they lift and fly away
in a wind of lights.


Kay said...

i love that photo...the colours are beautiful and reminds me of a skein of silk unravelling..x

Elisabeth said...

Sheets of rain reflected in light like tendrils of seaweed. Lovely, Steven.

steven said...

hello kay. that's a beautiful description - thankyou. steven

steven said...

elisabeth - i love rain and especially what it does to surfaces. here i wanted to share the feeling of rain in the air through the colours of the street. the light waving - like seaweed yes! steven

Barry said...

That is one fine and evocative image, Steven. I love the rain too, especially in Spring.

Dave King said...

I really appreciate this pared-down style you have. I works extremely well for you. Great images are a bonus.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Love your 'wind of lights' photo steven. An evocative pairing here today! Thank you.

Reya Mellicker said...

Sweet sweet spring rain. Nothing sweeter. Yeah.

Joanna said...

That photo drew me in from across the room. It's just lovely Steven. And then the words just add to it.

Linda Sue said...

Where we live- Pacific Northwest- the rain is nearly an everyday weather condition. We moan about it- it is nearly always dark, clammy, drippy and bone chilling... I took the dog to the park yesterday when the rare sun was shining- two minutes in the park and the rain came, then the hail, then a chilly breeze off of the sea, we were drenched and cold and loved it... made us frisky, like we had just had the best shower possible.I don't always appreciate being out in the rain- it does become tedious day after day- poetry helps...especially about rain.Thank you!

willow said...

Super photo! Was it on purpose, or one of those happy accidents?

Meri said...

The photo made me think of some local glass artists who use fine lines in their abstract glass pieces. I tried my hand at making a fused glass piece in a class with friends. I have to wait another 17 days to see if it turned out anything at all like my vision.