Monday, April 5, 2010


this world
defined by dark and light
and shape


the outer edge of

a bridge between this world
and all the others


it is a curve each of them feels, unmistakably.
it is the parabola

they must have guessed, once or twice — guessed and refused to believe —
that everything, always,

had been moving toward that purified shape latent in the sky

all words by thomas pynchon excerpted from "gravity's rainbow"

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Elisabeth said...

And the sky keeps changing, Steven. The trees are still bare, but the light is different.

steven said...

elisabeth - it's very different. the quality of light and the taste of the air, even its feel is very different. the skies are filled with birds and water. have a peaceful easter monday. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, that ice rainbow is incredible.

When you wrote about your dream bridges yesterday it made me think of the Rainbow Bridge in Norse mythology, that connects the land of the gods with the land of men. I believe you have captured it here with your camera. Wow.

steven said...

hi reya - hmmmmm. i posted a link to give visitors more info about the bifrost bridge you mention here. (it's at the end of the post). thanks for seeing what i saw!!! steven

ellen abbott said...

You get the most incredible atmospheric effects up there.

Meri said...

This reminds me of opportunity lost. The other day, when I had gone out the door without the camera, as I was driving I saw clouds tinted with the colors of a rainbow. I couldn't see it as I drove instinctively toward it. And finally, there it was - much flatter and closer to the earth than usual, so very wide and intense in color. I was only five minutes from home at most, but the five minutes changed the light. Opportunity lost. Lesson learned (I hope).

steven said...

ellen - it's so very cool at times. it's about our proximity to arctic air and then also our availability to gulf air. i'm forever looking to the skies after the winter has left but the most amazing effects are in the wintertime. steven

steven said...

meri - i've missed so many good photographs but then the experience of the moment is somewhere inside of me and so it has some sort of lasting effect on me. i try not to let the wistfulness of the missed opportunity colour the goodness of the actual seeing. have a lovely easter monday evening. steven

BT said...

Beautiful pictures of a stunning sky Steven. I can stare at the sky for ever, it's ever changing and sometimes takes my breath away.