Friday, April 2, 2010

one thread in the loom

was once an acquaintance
and like all good acquaintances
taught me much
about my self

you see
long ago
i perceived myself
in the mirror
of someone else

i felt that i was
meant to be
in their company

in turn
were to feel privileged
to know me


a learning

frank cadogan cowper vanity

the bloom is not a bloom, the mist not mist,
at midnight she comes, and goes again at dawn.
she comes like a spring dream- how long will she stay?
she goes like morning cloud, without a trace.


Elisabeth said...

Ahh vanity, how short lived for us all, when the inevitability of our aging and bodily ruin takes over.

Thanks, Steven for this beautiful image. At least she will not grow old, not in the frame of art at least.

The Bug said...

That was very well said - and seems to be a theme for me this week. Inside my head I'm still hot stuff, but the mirror definitely tells me like it is these days.

steven said...

elisabeth - do you remember that whole phase of your life? i'm watching my children - teenagers. not oblivious people at all but certainly consumed with appearance. in all forms. it's a stage - something they'll pass through and hopefully come out in charge of!! steven

hope said...

Isn't it wonderful to know that most of us DO outgrow that stage in life to become really nice people. :)

Jenny Stevning said...

I wanted something profound to say, but this post just makes me chuckle. I think it is because of its mirroring effect on me...reminding me of the latter part...the part where they would feel sooooo privileged to know me. Hahahahaha!
"Steven, meet Jenny's Ego."
"Jenny's Ego, meet Steven."

Titus said...

Inriguing steven, and sadly I think vanity is creeping up the age-range with the increased take-up (and availability) of cosmetic procedures. Plus it seems to be foisted on children of a younger age because of the media's current obsession with appearance.

I am so delighted to be able to post here again! Your blog has been resisting me!

steven said...

hello bug - i think inner beauty is more useful and more valuable! the gift inside the package. steven

steven said...

hope i appreciate it in myself as well as in others!!! have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

titus - you are irresistible!!! how could my blog resist you?!!! i see much about the outer self in popular culture and quick fixes for the inner self. my wish is for people to be more themselves. have a lovely day and i am glad you can visit in ease and comfort!!! steven

steven said...

jenny - no need to be "profound"! of course not! i remember being so high on myself - especially professionally - i had a huge reputation and was given all sorts of advantages because of it. so my ego played right into it. the result. unhappiness. simple. so here i am. working very hard to be simply myself. it feels much better! steven

Richard Jesse Watson said...

It must be hard for a flower not to admire itself. After all that is part of its purpose--to attract bugs, and to woo women. As someone said, "Youth is wasted on the young." But maybe not. I like what you said about "perceiving myself in the mirror of someone else". Maybe vanity is nudged aside when we also perceive others in ourselves.

Linda Sue said...

Ahhh, "all is vanity and vexation of spirit" I love having grown out of my youth suit and into my baggy old lady suit- free now - rarely look at mirrors (unless you count the dismayed looks of those who mirror me mirroring them...)Vanity, she is such a deceptive bitch...

Helen said...

Very thought-provoking indeed. After living through almost seven decades I remember well the 'years of vanity' with a little selfishness thrown in for good measure .... It's refreshing now to realize who I am and to know beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder(s).

Butternut Squash said...

I enjoy the flower in full bloom and I feel a little sad for her at the same time because I know that time will wilt her petals.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Ah, a look in the mirror brings one to reality! Vanity is kaput!