Friday, April 23, 2010

small glories

the first
small glories of spring

i know the art of evoking happy moments,
and live my past again as i nestle at your knees;
for what would it avail to seek your drowsy beauties
save in your beloved body and so tender heart?

i know the art of evoking happy moments.

excerpted from "the balcony" baudelaire (translation by francis scarfe (1961)


Delwyn said...

I send my best wishes to your fellow teacher and to you as a support person...

Happy days

Elisabeth said...

Small glories indeed Steven. Thank you for these spring pansies, the dark and the light.

I hope your student teacher is okay.

steven said...

delwyn thanks. he's been through a pile of surgeries and is now in an induced coma. but the prognosis looks good for - a long long way to go for him. steven

steven said...

elisabeth - the dark and the light is exactly what i wished to share particularly in consideration of the experiences i am having at the moment. have a peaceful day. steven

hope said...

I woke up in a funk this morning...if you've seen my last post, you'll know why.

So I came here for my Moment of Zen and... you never fail me. :)

I have NEVER seen such a beautifully dark and velvet pansy like the one in the first shot! Wow!

Thanks for starting my day with a smile as I head out the door to work. Have a great weekend!

ALeks said...

On my knees even if they hurt for this beauty!
Loads of good,good love,health,luck,opportunities to reach the noble goals you are aiming for,enough strength and flexibility to keep up what ever you wish to been keeping up,ease the troubles and pain of your close friends and take care of yourself!!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Oh - two of my favourite colours of flowers! Thank you steven - I needed a little encouragement to head off the the nursery. Have a wonder-filled weekend!

ellen abbott said...

These are some of my favorite heralds of spring. Yay!

Eryl Shields said...

The flowers are gorgeous though I especially like the dark ones, they look so smooth.

It sounds, from Delwyn and Elizabeth's comments and your response that I've missed something serious, I do hope the darks lift soon and light floods back in to your life.

steven said...

hello eryl - a student teacher in my building - across the hall received critical injuries in a car crash and is in a realy challenging situation. it affects people in small working communities as you know and so my school and i are numbed. it makes it hard to focus on day-to-day stuff. he's progressing and so am i. but for now i'm enjoying the little lovely things as best i can. thanks for your visit!!! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Loved yesterday's pics of you! Wow. You have a lot of nerve to shave your head. I've never been able to muster the courage to do it, not for any reason. Wow.

Joanna said...

White light around your student teacher. Here's hoping he'll come out of the woods ok.