Sunday, April 4, 2010

dream bridges

appear in my dreams

that don't meet in the middle

that have no roadway

that can't support a person

the metaphoric allusions
aren't lost on me

are like bridges
between what is
and what is becoming

building that bridge well
that you
be inside that moment

a gift
that is available to me
some of the time

but not all of the time

and so the spaces
the unlikeliness
the leaps of faith
that appear in my
bridge dreams
are like reminders

bridges need to be built


Dan Gurney said...

Wonderful words and images, steven. Bridges became very powerful images for me when my wife was pregnant with our first child... the metaphoric meaning of bridges during my transition into parenting responsibilities is more obvious to me now than it was when I was in the middle of it.

I think that when we're truly grounded in the present moment bridges aren't there and aren't needed: we're exactly THERE! in actual reality along with all its glorious effervescence.

Terresa said...

Striking imagery, photos, words. This is very good!!

Elisabeth said...

If not built with care, however else could bridges support us - even when they don't meet in the middle? Thanks, Steven.

Delwyn said...

Hi Steven

your bridge metaphor made me think of synapses... And with thoughts too we need to take care...make connections...and also monitor the way they try to create flyovers to take you away from now...

Happy days

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

moment by moment; step by step.
we tend to rush into new things, new spaces, we should go slowly & with care. enjoy those moments of building.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Bridges are such a powerful and interesting symbol. I love the connection you make to leaps of faith.

I used to dream of suspension bridges with quite a descent from the apex to the shore. I would find myself sliding down the bridge on my bottom feeling the wind in my hair and wondering why I had never dared to do it before.
They were magical dreams. Thank you for bringing that back to mind.

ellen abbott said...

I try never to burn my bridges but sometimes they are lit from the other side.

steven said...

ellen, im sure that was a serious comment but i laughed out loud thinking of the times when that has happened. how to let someone know that the smell of smoke, the glimmering of flames is actually much closer to them than to me?! steven

steven said...

hi bonnie, that's a dream i've not experienced. perhaps in thinking it, i'll experience that one night!!! have a lovely spring day. steven

steven said...

lizzy - the building of an experience is usually much richer and magical if it's experienced with care. thanks for visiting. steven

steven said...

delwyn - cool connection to synaptic junctures. i hadn't thought of that!! steven

steven said...

hello elisabeth - when i think of the many leaps of faith i've made in my life and then the many considered and careful transitions i can see the difference ever so clearly in how they affected me as a person. care. steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

All very true Steven. I like it a lot. Good to be back in blogland - thanks for all your good wishes. Wish I could sit on that bench with you and have a chat - lovely new header.

steven said...

terresa thankyou very much!!! steven

steven said...

dan much of what i was thinking here had to do with large life moments like children, marriage and i see your insight into being in this present moment clearly also. thanks for visiting. steven

steven said...

ahhhh weaver it's lovely to see you again!!! it might seem selfish but if we meet, let it be in a tea shop in a north yorkshire village!!!! have a lovely day and continued good health. steven

Meri said...

Leaps of faith. Building bridges, making connections. Closing distances and bringing people together. Going from one state to another (like Dan into parenthood). Isn't it amazing how our brain speaks to us, trying to get our attention?

Linda Sue said...

The only thing that freaked me out when I had small children in the car was going over bridges- thoughts of how to save them if the bridge was weak and we ended up in the river- I understand holding breath while crossing, I do it automatically- it is an unreasonable reaction, an unreasonable anxiety. My brain knows that.
After reading your post last evening- I did dream of a bridge- it was small , made of stone and covered with moss that well knitted it together. I did not hold my breath.
Have a chocolate bunny day!

Helen said...

Dear Steven,
I found this a fascinating post .. as I struggled with 'bridge dreams' for many years .... during the course of therapy to save my marriage (didn't work) I was able to get to the bottom of those dreams and today I am proud to say I can actually drive over one without panic.

Once (before getting fixed) I attempted to drive across the Golden Gate and HAD to turn around (and spend the day in Sausalito!)

Liza said...

those last words cast in place
a foundation that I must not forget to build on.

thanks for that.

steven said...

hey liza - you're welcome of course!! steven

steven said...

hello helen - i still have anxieties about walking or riding my bike over bridges but i also have the strength to push on regardless. metaphoric bridges are a different thing all together. i still have difficulty trusting my ability to build and cross the right bridges. that's all part of whatever this life is about for me. steven

steven said...

hey linda sue - i've crossed stone bridges, knotted with moss - little bridges in the middle of northern counties in england are special favourites. nice dream. steven

steven said...

meri there are so many spaces to cross. spaces to draw together. i wish i could eliminate the need for the space. for the bridge. but i stand here and experiences stand there and somehow they have to be melded. have a peaceful easter. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Powerful dream images, Steven, as well as powerful words and images here. Sending love across the blog bridge that connects us. xx

steven said...

reya - they've been with me for much of my life in the forms i described and some others i didn't. i wish i knew where this blog was going and maybe even why i need to know!!! sweet dc evening. steven

BT said...

I love those strong photos of bridges steven and your words are as powerful.