Monday, September 28, 2009

wilhelm the maker

are both super talented artists
who have through some magical coming together of like minds
arrived in a similar place
personally and artistically
and through that melding
have produced an extraordinary short film entitled

"wilhelm the maker".

wilhelm the maker tells the story of a misunderstood giant.
wilhelm enters the village by night,
and steals things.

naturally there are rumours about
what is happening and why.

some of the townsfolk figure he's just a myth,
others just fear him,
assuming he's an evil spirit.

what's really revealing though
is that the only real knowledge of wilhelm the giant
is through hearsay and rumour,
so what's really going on?

Wilhelm The Maker from Adam Hancher & Jack Hudson on Vimeo.


Dave King said...

The still images were charming, but the video mesmerizing. Lovely. Thanks.

steven said...

hi dave - you're up early my friend!!! i'm glad that you enjoyed adam and jack's work. thanks for dropping by. steven

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Stunning work! How ever did you find these two geniuses?

willow said...

What a delightful treat! I love-love-loved this. Thanks, Steven.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Magical steven - where do you find these things? Have a good week.

steven said...

well actually bonnie it was through the very fortunate sleuthing of the golden fish new illustrators and artists division who keep a keen eye out for worthy work. these two guys are amazing talented and clever (insightful clever) people. their artwork when placed together makes for an amazing film. have a lovely evening steven

steven said...

oh willow i am so glad you liked this!!!! i really hope they put out more!!! have a love love lovely evening at the manore. steven

steven said...

hello weaver - well they're everywhere. if you look you'll find all sorts of amazing people!!!! even at the market!!! steven

Rachel Fenton said...

I need a team to help with my blog!

I am always really inspired when I visit your blog, Steven - well done team for helping to source such great material!

steven said...

hi rachel!!! my "team" is actually me , myself, and i!!" i do this on my own. i sometimes get contributions from family members, friends, even bloggy chums but for the most part it's me fitting this in-between teaching, bringing up my children, and all the other pieces of my life!!! have a great evening. steven

Golden West said...

Wonderful - thanks, Steven!

acornmoon said...

Nice work! Lovely.