Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dot allison "sunset" revisited

i hope you don't mind,
but as i was wandering through my little stacks of music,
i came across this lovely song which i posted way back in february.

it's one that's worn well because i still think it's beautiful.

words that dance inside themselves
and act as vehicles for the imagination
of the reader
or listener
are friends to this man
who has known moments of true beauty
in the work of dot allison.

the words:

among the birth and bud

of each new smile

that said without a word

"i have lost once or twice"

with the knowledge of decline

but only

in the sense of sunsets

dipping full blush
like girlish eyes

again to rise

again to rise

sunsets fail and roses grow
some where a legend i’ll not know

step by palsied step

the days they deliver us new bread

kneaded by worthy hands

aged by a billion life-times

to age a billion more

the sunsets fail and roses grow
somewhere a legend i’ll not know

there was something

among the birth and bud

of each new smile

that said without a word

"i have lost once or twice"

the music

the song is from her disc exaltation of larks.
if you scroll down you can hear a streamed version of each song
from this album including this stunning song!!

dot's new disc "seven and a half" should be out anytime soon.

i'm really looking forward to hearing where she goes with it.

to find out more about her new disc and about all things dot allison,
here's dot's blog.


here's what dot said when i posted this song back in february. . .

"Hi -
I found your blog when scooting around looking for something else...
I am glad Sunset touched you..
I'll forward your link to Kramer who wrote the chords with me in my flat in Hackney.
I had a poem I had written which morphed into these lyrics.
Take care, D x


Yoli said...

That is beautiful. I always enjoy coming here. Glad I found you through Willow's blog.

Dave King said...

More than worth a second post, more than worth. I found it quite lovely.

Rachel Fenton said...

Lovely poem/song...and so nice of her to take the time out to thank you! It's great to revisit songs that put you in a good place.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was very beautiful.
I will have to go to search for the music.
Isn't it lovely how we all can get in touch through the internet.
So glad Dot responded to you.

Delwyn said...

Hi Stven

I like your pensive sunset...and folded rippled sky...that matches the line of the hills or is it roof tops...

Happy days

Golden West said...

Hi Steven,

Isn't it wonderful how a blog post can connect you to an artist like that?

On the topic of that landslide - it was probably not heard, as the sound of the ocean would have overpowered any sound the slide made. Even when the waves are small, there's a constant sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Quite hypnotic, actually.

Have a great week! And thanks, as always, for stopping by.

ellen abbott said...

A beautiful evening sky.

Anonymous said...

The words are wonderful to speak. I suppose the song, which I never heard, is even better.

Your visits are always appreciated. That is my hardest job. To post things so people who stop once, will want to come back.

Pick a Peck of Pixels

Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful. I love the phrase "Exaltation of Larks."

Joanna said...

Thank you for sharing this again Steven. Her music is new to me and I like it very much. The lyrics are lovely and voice as well. I'll search her music out when I get back from my trip.

The Weaver of Grass said...

On this occasion the words and the music are really beautiful steven - thank you for sharing it. Have a good day.

steven said...

hi yoli - nice to see you!!! thanks for the very nice comliment of course!!! i like visiting her myself!!! have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hi dave, i'm really glad you didn't mind - more than that you liked this!!! have a peaceful evening. steven

steven said...

hi rachel - i was blown away that she dropped in and wrote. i listen to lots and lots of music, almost all the time. i have a wall of cds, an ipod jammed to bursting and an itunes folder on this macbook that's loaded up! all because i love music and what it can do. thanks for dropping by today!! steven

steven said...

hi elizabeth, i believe she has two or three albums out. i really appreciate the internet for the chance to spread a wider net across the art, poetry, music, thinking that's available. it's allowed me to move more quickly in terms of "broadening my horizons". have a peaceful evening. steven

steven said...

hello delwyn, those are the last line of rooftops between me and the countryside! they belong to teacher friends actually!!! have a peaceful day by the river. happy springtime. steven

steven said...

hi goldenwest, i was really surprised that she would take the time. i write to musicians and artists periodically and they are really good about writing back. i think because they aren't getting asked for anything. i usually ask them about things. like magic. like creativity. like living inside the life of their stage persona. that sort of thing. have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

oh ellen thankyou. the evening skies have been really gorgeous recently because there's been so much more humidity in the air to catch the last rays. steven

steven said...

hi abe - ha you're like me - i say the words for songs out loud (but i do listen to them to see if they get the words right in terms of the music they put them to!). i visit your blog for one simple reason that has nothing to do with what you post. it's to spend time with who you are. that is for me infinitely more interesting even than your carefully crafted words and exquisite photography. so there. steven

steven said...

hi reya, years ago there was a hill that had been carved into and the swallows built nests in the bare faced hillside. i used to go and watch them around sundown because they flew for play. it was an exaltation of swallows. i too love the idea of an exaltation of larks. the swooping, tiny feathered joy of freedom. have a sweet autumn dc evening. steven

steven said...

joanna - she's a really good creative singer. i like that. your trip has been an amazing journey to follow. thanks for the great posts. if you're a comment reader then nip over to joanna's blog and read the journey she's on in her camper van. it's tres cool!!!!! steven

steven said...

weaver i felt the change in the air last night as my mind and body - and my spirit preceded them - welcomed the transition from summer to autumn as sadness and happiness intermingled. it's finally here. so now i want it all - the colours, the nippy air, the crispness, the pancakes and maple syrup in the morning. the coffee outside in cupped hands. have a lovely evening in the dale. steven

willow said...

Especially nice that Dot took the time to jot you a note, Steven.

Mmm...all this talk of pancakes and maple syrup is making me hungry!

Bee said...

Ok, I've added this artist to my to-buy list. I'm listening to her music as I write.

S, you are so very prolific! I have had a happy hour catching up with all of the beautiful things you've written about it in the last week or so. Thank you!