Sunday, September 27, 2009

evening after rain

one of the beauties of the human condition ~

we can have similar experiences.
we can have entirely different perceptions.
for evidence of this . . .
read the comments under a blog
when a painting, a poem, a piece of music,
is shared.

the experiencing of rain
is a place of differing perceptions.

rain to the west . . . seen here in the canadian woods as painted by frederick varley . . .
varley "evening, after rain"

the dampness
of close-packed soil
the glistening branches
and, somewhere,
a steady drip;
and us alone
in a private world.

(excerpted from "after rain" jeremy page)

rain to the east . . . as seen in in this woodblock by hiroshi yoshida . . .
"evening, after rain"

sudden rain this afternoon
saved my thirsty garden.
now sunset steams the grass
and the river softly glistens.
who’ll organize my scattered books?
tonight i’ll fill and fill my glass.
i know they love to talk about me.
but no one faults me for my reclusive life.


Kathleen said...

Whoa! Synchronicity strikes again. The painting reminds of of The Group of Seven. Come check out what I posted just a few minutes before visiting your ever-lovely blog!


steven said...

hello kathleen - i nipped over, i saw, iagree!!!! that's too funny!! have a lovely day. steven

Anonymous said...

Evening after the rain is just stunning. I might like to try life in Japan if I ever would get another life. I can just imagine myself sitting on the porch looking out at a scene line this one.

That capital D, steven, is an old form and one of my favorites.

Golden West said...

I'd never heard of Tu Fu - thanks for sharing, Steven. Happy to learn something new even before the sun has come up!

Linda said...

I will think of the words by Jeremy Page on Monday or Tuesday, in Muskoka, also Varley...... look at all the paint on that canvas.... or wood.... the paint is dripping off the pines.... . I am going to take my camera and sketching tools. I am also taking my umbrella because I am sure there will be rain to the north. Enjoy your week, Steven.

steven said...

hi abe - it's interesting you should say that because when i pulled up the woodblock by yoshida, i thought to myself, now if it was possible to spend one year somewhere sometime where would you go right in this moment and i thought it would be in a small cabin overlooking the scene in the woodblock. thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. steven

steven said...

hello golden west - yes it's really exciting to spend time in other countries, finding the treasures that have accrued to them over the years. great artists, musicians, poets, writers. tu fu was one who really blew me away. thanks for visiting and have a lovely day! steven

steven said...

hello linda - you're going at one of the loveliest times of the year!!! my own artwork is so precise, i envy people like varley who paint with such "abandon". i know that he was very considered in his thinking but you're so right - it does drip right off the scene. i think you might be good weatherwise after monday!!!! enjoy the time and the journey as i know you will!!!! steven


Love the serenity in that Japanese print... Hope you are having a wonderful & serene weekend as well~

steven said...

hi lenornevermore!! it's nice to meet you. i am enjoying a relatiely serene weekend actually so thankyou. lots of schoolwork, lots of housework, lots of reading, lots of listening. so a sort of balance. thanks for visiting and for your nice comment. steven

jinksy said...

You do find the most exquisite words and 'windows on the world' - i.e. pictures. I do believe my mind spirals with yours, every time I come for a visit - think the ensemble may end up on the second star to the right?!!

Pauline said...

It's raining here today, too...

All day long the rain falls,
pelting roofs, washing windows,
muddying the edges of the road.
The afternoon fades.
Still the rain dances on the doorstep,
and gurgles down the drainpipes -
a daylong symphony of rain.

willow said...

Tonight I’ll fill and fill my glass...

Perfect thing to do on a rainy old evening.

steven said...

hi willow - i'm about to do the same thing - i don't think we'll be alone!!!! have a lovely evening at the manor. steven

Delwyn said...

Hi Steven

It was the last line of tu fu that jumped out for me...

'but no one faults me for my reclusive life...'

I feel that I do need to be reclusive to a degree to have this wonderful relationship with the natural world...

that your choice of ukiyo-e illustrates so well...

thanks you Steven

Happy days

steven said...

hello delwyn,
yes i expected it would!! truly i did. i have the same need. my work precludes me from being as reclusive as i otherwise would be. which also precludes my having the full-on intimacy with my experiencing of the world all the time. that's a conscious price i have chose to pay for the privilege of teaching.
thankyou for your comment and have a lovely evening by the river. steven