Wednesday, June 24, 2009

jamaaladeen tacuma live

there's been scads and oddles of poetry on the blog of late and i guess that's an occupational hazhard of visiting here - there's not really a lot of rhyme or reason just will o'the wisp, whimsical "hey what's happening that i like?" kind of stuff.

so music is really important to me . . . it says something of what poetry can't. poetry is like perfume. it contains essences. well, ideas of essences.

for me, music is essence. sure it hides behind flounces and frills and cleverness, but there's something there that is fundamental to the way this whole thing we are a part of expresses itself.

jamaaladeen tacuma is one of those astonishingly talented musicians whose flame flares for a while and then settles back into - well not obscurity - but somewhere off the floodlit walkway. i came across this piece and was racking my brain to figure out which miles album the groove that tacuma and drummer grant calvin weston are carving out here is from. it's right on the tip of my mind but i can't figure it out - jack johnston?

maybe if human music encyclopedia and blogger buddy sid the smith drops by he can cast some light on this burning question?!

regardless - it's a knock out group having some fun with early seventies' miles.

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