Monday, March 5, 2012

your self

set aside
your very smallest
most easily overlooked
and gently
without tearing the tissue paper
open it up
let it see the light of this day
and call it your self


aguja said...

This poem is brilliant ... that is the least and the most I can say.

Linda Sue said...

Oh Gosh, Steven, love this poem but when I did take this advice and took the tiniest most overlooked gift and opened it gently, as you suggest, there was nothing there! Oh Dear, what does that say?

steven said...

well aguja - it's simple and that's what i know!! steven

steven said...

linda sue i'd say that you found everything not nothing . . . is there a difference? steven

ND Mitchell said...

Liked it Steven very much. Wondered if the reason for not tearing the tissue paper was that you needed to re-wrap in order to give the gift to others? Just a thought. Hope you're well,

hope said...

Wonderful way to start a Monday!

steven said...

david . . . i actually do take care with tissue paper . . . the tissue is like the the door to the house of the gift . . . . . steven

steven said...

ahhhhh hope and mondays for the working people are a day of return a day of escalation of difficulty and even joy . . . . i'm hopeful to be a part of the latter experience for you!!! steven