Friday, March 9, 2012

form and life

you can draw aside the emptiness
determine that it's not for you
and still give it a name

you can call it home
call it marriage
call it solitude
call it a career
and you can dance inside the name
of the thing named
for as long as is reasonable

and what's reasonable?

well, namer and describer of emptiness -
only you
can set the terms
of that
which you have named
and given form and life to


erin said...

it whistles all around every named thing, doesn't it, steven? right through every named thing as well. it's difficult to come to terms with sometimes. at other times it grants a surprising freedom.


steven said...

erin i'm grateful that you can see inside and amplify theese things . . . . steven

Pauline said...

the magic of words!

steven said...

and power pauline! steven

Linda Sue said...

Yup, only you- the namer of things...DANG!

steven said...

dang linda sue . . . . dang!!!! name that suckah!!! steven