Monday, March 26, 2012

this very red

this red
like a mouth
an opening
into a world within this world


Elisabeth said...

Is it what we here call a red hot poker? I wonder, Steven.

Linda Sue said...

At first I though it was an old tired balloon stuck in the branches- how cool i thought, then I clicked on the photo and mad it so that my feeble eyesight could actually make it out- Amazing little bit of promising nature in a rather colourless month.
RED -LIFE- it's good!Even cooler than a dead balloon.
Love "the other side" as well...sigh.

steven said...

i don't know the names of flowers elisabeth . . . steven

steven said...

yep linda sue . . . on the bank of a river early in spring . . entirely unlikely and entirely real!!! steven

erin said...

it is astounding how many doors surround us. i wonder what is not a door? if that is even possible.