Saturday, March 3, 2012

the us of ourselves

you are so in the very moment of this time
so completely in and of this place
and you are stretched thinner than water
until transparent and pure
your body dancing and pulling
the tender strings of the sky
the trees
the frozen ground
the snow
the ice
the warm breeze
the crows
the warm blackened whispers
of the crows
all drawn
into your hips and eyes
and tightening the whole into a web
so thorough
and so contained that nothing
not any thing
could stand between us
and this one emerging moment
of the us of ourselves


Liza Ursu said...

this post is a gift,
and it made me smile&cry.
thanks steven.
have a beautiful day.

Pauline said...

just the very idea of it (so perceptively expressed) makes me happy

aguja said...

I agree that this post is indeed a gift - so powerfully written and so beautifully crafted.

How do you do it almost every time you write?? Your work is a joy to read, Steven.

Jo said...

If this is anthropomorphism, it makes me long to be a tree, more so than anything else.

To be "stretched thinner than water" and pull it all in as you suggest, is truly the essence of ourselves.

Ohmygoodness. thank you.

steven said...

;iza thankyou . . . there's so very very much embedded inese words and really i'd unpack them here but the value of words is in what they open up for the reader . . . . steven

steven said...

pauline thankyou very much . . .every so often something appears here that i feel came straight through as intended . . . . . steven

steven said...

aguja thankyou . . . as a talented writer yourself i can feel a bit of pride in receiving your comment . . . . . steven

steven said...

jo as i wrote in my reply to liza . . . i could tell you what this is about but then it closes the possibilities for you off and that's not what words are about . . . thankyou for your sweet words . . .steven

erin said...

the photo is the perfect illustration. isn't it crazy when the world presents metaphors for us? and your poem creates longing in me, longing to be stretched thinner than water, longing to be present, reduced.


steven said...

erin this moment created longing in me . . . a longing to contain and hold it which runs against all that i know and yet it was so extraordinary beautiful and reminded me of everything and i value and so what to do?! steven