Friday, February 4, 2011

whole as all

the light of a day
is so much a part of its song

when you think of
the words as its colour
well here they are moving
from a sudden tangerine at dawn
to a slow flowering mid-morning yellow

if you don't show care
on the cloudless days
it can catch you full-faced
and unsubtle
in its glare

with care
it is a scarf
of embroidered silk
drawn across the face
of your world

even the trees
deep in their mid winter contented state
wrapped hard around
the soft green flame
that flickers inside them
even the trees
get caught up in the dance
of the returning sun
and perhaps it's not so much
a dance
as a flirting
between dark and light
a kissing in the shadows
a passing of notes

but it's there
that subtle oscillation
that reciprocation
that solar embrocation

rays as lips
sky as mouth
branches as fingers

whole as all


Elisabeth said...

Wonderful Steven. This evocation of nature as body parts, of words as colour' of the sky as a scarf is simply exquisite. Thanks.

Annie said...

Love those words - a flirting between light and dark a kissing in the shadows a passing of notes

Titus said...

Beautiful, steven. A succession of images that build to a fitting finale.
And so wonderful to read of light and colour on an extremely wet, grey day here.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi Steven! lights and colours that you bring todayare very nice.. from here I can feel the warmth of these rays..

ellen abbott said...

oh, I like that last.

Jo said...

And oh, the ecstacy as they burst forth their folliage into the blue spring sky. Soon, Steven. I hope it's soon.

So lovely to meditate on these beautiful phrases today. Thank you so much.

aguja said...

A truly wonderful poem, Steven. I was carried along with it ... to the very end.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Beautiful words Steven. Your photos of the clear blue sky with the trees in the foreground are as superb as your words.

Friko said...

Thoughts of a day like a poem, light like a poem, colour like a poem. What more can I want this late, stormy, evening before bedtime.

Good Night steven

steven said...

friko - i think you could want more of the same tomorrow but i know you'll be delighted to get what you are given!! steven

steven said...

lizzy thankyou very much!!! stay warm! steven

steven said...

aguja - thankyou. i'm so happy to share these words here. steven

steven said...

jo - he light danced around this tree on my way home on wednesday night. i loved that the tree was half black and half orange in the last light. i watched it and then realized i was also being watched - by a beautiful old collie. i've known her for years as her man walks her by me and we talk even though we don't know each other. i was caught by the tree and it stayed with me long afterwards. steven

steven said...

ellen - words or photograph. i'm so happy with both! steven

steven said...

matias on this walk home it was around ten below zero but sunny! i'll take that and wrap it 'round me like a soft scarf. steven

steven said...

awww titus - i'm the lucky one today with sunshine and a sort of warmth. the kind that reaches in past the layers and the protection. hang in there - it'll all be summer soon. steven

steven said...

annie sometimes i think nature is entirely a young person inside an old soul. steven

steven said...

elisabeth - these words wrote themselves as i walked up the steep long hill away from the tree of this post. my challenge - to let the whole unfold and then to remember it and then to record it. steven

Linda said...

The light and warmth are returning to the north. The trees are doing their happy dance in the woods. It won't be long until the sap is running inside the trees and outside in the spiels and buckets. The poem and the pictures have such happy energy Steven. Thanks for sharing.

Liza Ursu said...

definitely one of my favourite posts.
"drawn across the face
of your world"
beautiful words, and images.