Sunday, February 20, 2011

talkative world

if i only listened to the howling hungry for heat wind
and the soft hushing of the scudding clouds

well . . .

the sky had lots to say today

but i was much closer to the earth
bent over like the pre-mature man that i am
and of course
the trees leaned in
taking me into their confidence

and the sumac sang a song
about their dream
to become birds -
big soft red birds
no longer holding so firmly
to their branch and twig mothers

free to wing
through those butter yellow sky breaks
and most especially
through the vanilla pale violet and salmon clouds
they look up to all day long

so i walked on
keeping it simple
thinking my big thinks
and taking special care not to interrupt
this suddenly becoming
talkative world


Rachel Fenton said...

"...not to interrupt.." - I'm sure the wind and trees would have shushed you if they thought to...beautiful - I think your heart's wide open, Steven, and it's beautiful to peer inside. I'm grateful for the glimpse.

lines n shades said...

thoughtful...and beatifully said.

Titus said...

I love the thought of you being a pre-mature man!

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm feeling it, too. The celestial realms are really taking notice lately. It's interesting.

Beautifully said here, of course.

steven said...

rachel thanks for your thoughtful and kind comment. steven

steven said...

hello lines n shades! thankyou for your kind comment. steven

steven said...

titus - i wouldn't and couldn't have it any other way. maturity escapes me each time i try to make it mine!!! steven

steven said...

reya - there's lots going on . . . i'm trying to listen so as not to miss any of it. steven

aguja said...

Oh yes! Your words and images combine in perfect harmony.

Valerianna said...

Sometimes one reads something that might have been written by one's self.... this is one of them! It truly feels like you are in my world here.

hope said...

So much to hear in the silence of nature when we pay attention. Nicely done!

steven said...

hello aguja - thankyou. harmony - sometimes i work towards and sometimes away from it. steven

steven said...

valerianna - that's a special privilege for me! thankyou. steven

steven said...

hi hope! it's a matter of making yourself available to what's outside of yourself and allowing at all to meld with your inner self. then letting go of the inner and outer thing entirely!! steven

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi Steven.. your pictures and words are really beautiful)).. and this suddenly becoming talkative world. and how much tell to us..

steven said...

hey matias thankyou. readers of these comments should take some time and nip over to matias' blog. incredible photographs of chile and argentina. really mind-opening in terms of changing my idea of what it looks like there. steven

Dan Gurney said...

I love this, steven! Listening in to the talkative world is so rewarding and so much fresher than the worn thoughts circulating in mediamind.

Thanks you twice: once for sharing what you heard from the trees and again for sharing the tip about matias's blog about Chile and Argentina. Yes, folks, it's worth a click.

Jo said...

Steven, I've heard the eagerness, even urgency, from the trees as well. I do wonder what's going on.

The last stanza is profound. Keeping it simple while thinking your big thinks. INDEED.

Geeze, the photos are as profound. How gorgeous.

Hilary said...

What a beautiful post - poetic, introspective and open. A lovely way to absorb nature.