Friday, February 18, 2011

the small wheel

on a day like this
the great arms
that envelop me
pass through my sight in a flurry of wings
creasing the drifting edges of the clouds
and then beneath my feet
across the fields
the soil
the trees
the soft flow of rivers
almost as if they are looking
to catch and hold
my soul's filament spindle
humming taut and golden
and resonant
with the unfolding moment


Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi Steven.. beautiful picture of the sky.. seems that at the background is falling a little rain.

steven said...

matias - it was preparing to snow. the sky has been opening up much more though and so the result is here. a sky that wouldn't look out of place on a spring day. steven

Friko said...

What can I say, as always, beautiful images, in picture and words.
Great arms enveloping me, that's what it feels like to come here.

Pauline said...

oh for the days one can see those arms as a flurry of wings - beautifully said!

Reya Mellicker said...

Spring is stretching out its arms, getting ready to embrace you. Beautiful!!

Linda Sue said...

sometimes your posts affect me like Psilocybin - and your previous post- Steve Roach, took me there- Geez I don't have to do anything illegal anymore- Thanks, (white boy)!

Rachel Fenton said...

"filament spindle" - I love this.

Bee said...

I'm very partial to a dramatic sky . . . I love that sense of different elements coming together/clashing. It does create a corresponding tingle/hum/vibration!

Your blog-header is splendid.

Jo said...

♥ Heaven.♥

Margaret Pangert said...

Beautiful, Steven. I see you here as part of the earth itself--your kinetic energy and creative artistry (filament and spindle) are grounded though your wings stretch into the sky. You are so often like this, part of the natural rhythm.

steven said...

friko those are welcoming arms!! steven

steven said...

pauline - there were a lot of birds in the air on the day i saw this scene. it was really happy-making. i miss the animals a lot in the winter and so to hear them and see them was a special gift. steven

steven said...

reya - and you. steven

steven said...

linda sue - too too good and too funny!!! go with it and you will see. steven

steven said...

rachel - there it was. a thread. steven

steven said...

bee thankyou. i love great expansive skies. this one has the spire of an old church at its base. i like that actually. steven

steven said...

hi jo - on earth as it is . . . . steven

steven said...

margaret thankyou very much for your generous words. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Your poetry has such a transcendent, mystical quality:

"my soul's filament spindle
humming taut and golden
and resonant
with the unfolding moment"

This is what is meant by living in the NOW.

I find myself looking forward to sipping the nectar of the goodness you bring into the world each day on The Golden Fish. Thank you, steven.

steven said...

dan - it's neat to see you seeing that because the writing is allowing me to draw closer to a place i've known about for a very long time and it's that very transcendent place that you notice here. i'm not sure why i need to go there or whay it needs me to be there. that's the beauty of the mystical. steven