Monday, February 28, 2011

haller lake

music whirls around this house in all its forms.

the cave singers are sort of new to me.
i think i heard something by them a year or so ago but i didn't really pay attention.
their latest release - "no witch" - has me captivated.

here's a field near me - late last autumn.
i'm looking backwards today - and then also forwards.

ladies and gentlemen - your headphones please


Elisabeth said...

A half naked man is a unusual image on your blog Steven, but the music is welcome, as is the odd naked man, though still a surprise.

Jo said...

"Music whirls around this house in all its forms."

That's so descriptive and fitting. Music really does whirl around, doesn't it? And all its forms, whether man made or natural, are around us all the time.

I loved the Cave Singers' music, the way it builds to a lovely crescendo but not to an overwhelming level.

I usually listen to the music of nature while on my walking outings, but I could definitely listen to this piece while walking for miles.

Thanks Steven!

Reya Mellicker said...

You have introduced me to so many great pieces of music. Thank you!!!

Friko said...

Look anywhere you like, steven, so long as you tell us about it.

I don't know this group, they make an unusual but pleasing sound.

Linda Sue said...

Ok I have listened to this several times- making the dish was up more pleasant, cleaning the bathroom delightful and now the bird is going crazy singing not so melodically...SUCCESS!

steven said...

elisabeth - he's not half-naked . . . he's half dressed! steven

steven said...

mmm hmmm jo it's walking music in the city . . . i'm happy that you enjoyed it! steven

steven said...

reya - thankyou for listening!!! steven

steven said...

friko - it's an act of bravery to listen to new music sometimes. thankyou for being brave!! steven

steven said...

linda sue i am sograteful for music that carries a moment and i have those individual pieces of music stored in a little folder on my ipod called "the chest of drawers" because you know how you go into a chest of drawers and it's filled with all sorts of old treasures . . . . yep that's how i like songs like this one! steven