Friday, January 28, 2011

sullen light

the light between
the darkened dawn
and the darker dusk
flickers faintly
all day long
through a vanilla fog

a light
whose soft and sullen spirit
cries for the hope
a candle
or a small fire
might bring


Elisabeth said...

'Vanilla fog' - sounds delicious.

Dan Gurney said...

In the summer here close along the coast Northern California we can have days of bleak sullen light made gray by fog. Just as you say, the light cries for the warmth and hope of a flame. I hope some sun comes your way soon.

Pauline said...

those photos are as delicate as line drawings -

I'm not sure I'd think o the light as sullen - more the clouds that obscure it... the over all tone of your words is so apt to the season!

Reya Mellicker said...

Vanilla fog? Oh yeah.

Brother sun is rising higher every day. Keep the faith! He will burn away that fog. Oh yeah!

splendid said...

simply gorgeous photos steven
your words touch my heart
as always

SY said...

these images are wonderful!

Love this piece
- SY

Kay said... a candle now!!!...grey it may be but beautiful too...xx

steven said...

elisabeth - in many ways we eat the air. steven

steven said...

dan - the tease is that some days it's here blue and then white crystal clear and others it is lost in a swirl of snow or fog or behind the clouds. it may appear that i'm complaining but really i'm observing - it has an effect on my interior though so perhaps i am affected and it shows up here. thanks for the wish. steven

steven said...

pauline thanks and perhaps you're right. the light itself pushes past and sometimes even through the greyness. steven

steven said...

reya he sure is! even the shades of grey are lighter at mid day!!! steven

steven said...

splendid thankyou and i am glad to share what passes through my head and heart! steven

steven said...

sy thankyou very much! steven

steven said...

kay i find everything has its own beauty - my work, my challenge is to see it for itself and not for what i wish it to be!! steven

Liza Ursu said...

your words, and images are perfect steven.
that 1st stanza is swimming in my head.
thank you.