Monday, January 31, 2011

the hedge

julian alden weir connecticut scene at branchville

on the other side of the hedge
another world

a world
that affords
the most simple
and commonplace

it's a world
in which goodness
and grace
are the currency

a world in which
are respected all the more
for their unknowing
of expectation

passing through the hedge
and wandering down the dusty road
requires nothing more
than a kind and loving heart
a trusting and thoughtful mind
and a sense of purpose
infused with goodness
unfettered by expectation

push the densely matted branches apart



julian alden weir branchville, connecticut


Dan Gurney said...

Lovely. That's just how it feels to unlock the door to my kindergarten classroom and step inside.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi! very beautiful paintings! nice words too.. wish you a great week :)

steven said...

god morning dan! isn't that the truth!!! i find it when i walk into the woods or across a field also. steven

steven said...

thanks matias!!! steven

aguja said...

Brilliant combination of words and pictures. I am enticed to the other side of the hedge.

Jo said...

The cottage beckons me in...

Linda said...

The paintings both have such a warm glow and your poem speaks to the kindness inherent in all of us. I love what Dan replied about his kindergarten class. Today I pushed "the densely matted branches apart" on the blogosphere and looked in on you, Steven. I am so happy I did! =D Thank you for the post.

Friko said...

I am glad for your optimism. I sometimes believe that the other side of the hedge is dark.

SY said...

I love this post.. I think you must had some lessons in formatting or something because even the formatting of the text compliments your story.. this is awesome
- SY

The Weaver of Grass said...

wise words, lovely pics steven - always a pleasure to read your blog.

Dulce said...

I love this invitation to heaven... so much up to one to get into, though...

steven said...

aguja - there are many openings - you create your own. steven

steven said...

jo that cottage sits waiting. i saw it and well i wanted to visit and then stay and set up my paintings and my music and my books and cook a bit of food and light a fire . . . . . oh yes it hums for me also. steven

steven said...

linda i am so glad that you have found your way out and through the hedge. days are filled with hedges of all sorts. some we hide behind, some we peer through and some we push aside. steven

steven said...

friko - despite the possibility of pessimism and cynicism - so freely available to me - i favour optimism. i can't explain why - but for me it carries something that reflects the gratitude i feel for my purpose. steven

steven said...

sy! everyhting i know about this laptop, blogging, i have taught myself. really truly. it simply requires work and attention. it also asks that you accept that it's unlikely you're going to know everything!!! steven

steven said...

weaver i'm so delighted that you could visit. steven

steven said...

dulce - nothing worthwhile is achieved suddenly. nothing!! steven