Thursday, January 13, 2011

home through the snow

edward willis redfield between daylight and darkness new york city

after an hour the mild
confusion of snow
amongst the lamplights
has softened and subdued
the nervous lines of bare
branches etched against
the chill twilight.

paul gustav fischer jacobenson square, copenhagen

now behind me, upon the pallid
expanse of empty boulevard,
the snow reclaims from the darkened
staring shop windows,

guy wiggins winter in new york 1927

one by one, a single
line of footprints.

maurice cullen winter night, craig street, montreal

all words kenneth rexroth


Valerianna said...

Lovely... got me thinking, it might be fun sometime to do an exchange between painters and writers.... painters offer an image or two, writers write in response. I'm sure its been done... in fact I know its been done recently, just can't remember where....?

Sid Smith said...

Brilliant set of words and pictures. Love the Redfield painting which I'd not seen before - the point between daylight and darkness is utterly magical to me.

alaine@éclectique said...

All lovely; I particularly like Fischer's work.

That's twice in two days I've heard of the name, Rexroth; the first must have been in a documentary as I remember it was pronounced 'Rexrot' what was it?'ll come to me!

all ways 11 o'clock said...

This is a beautiful post.


Friko said...

as always, a beautiful collection.

I think spending life amongst so much beauty, as you clearly do - otherwise where would these images and words come from - must make for a tranquil and rich life.

I am glad that you share it with us.

steven said...

valerianna, tess kincaid hosts a photograph prompt once a month but a painting might be very interesting also. steven

steven said...

ahhh sid, nice to see back up and out with a cuppa!! thanks for the nice comment. steven

steven said...

alaine, i've notcied synchrocity of that sort on the net and in blogs more than once. have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

robert, i'm very pleased that you were here to enjoy it! steven

steven said...

friko - my life has tranquil and manic aspects to it and all the little bits in-between. but i can say with confidence that i enjoy a very blessed life. one of the blessings has been the unexpected gift of being able to accept what i am given for what it is. thanks for your very kind comment. steven

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Even while family and friends back home are cursing the snow, this post has made me homesick for NYC.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love snow and I love paintings of snow, too. Excellent selection! x

Golden West said...

That's a wonderful group of paintings, Steven - so wintery dark yet filled with vitality - thanks!

Jo said...

Much of America looks exactly like these images lately, Steven. I suspect Canada is the same.

Thank you for the lovely winter walk. (I, too, am especially fond of Fischer's works.)

Tess Kincaid said...

I love your choice of images and words. I'm nutty about snow, you know.

Suz said...

A skilled poet works such wonder
and the artist Maurice Cullen has captured for me what is good about a dark cold winter night...light
inside light
calling beckoning the outsider in
beckoning them to a place of home..a place all hearts wish to dwell
wonderful collection of images and words

Pauline said...

why did winter seem more beautiful back when?

Bee said...

How romantic these images are . . .

I was reading an Anita Brookner novel last night -- Falling Slowly; apt, yes? -- and the narrator describes gazing at a painting of just such a scene. The urban landscape in winter; the ochre light.

Thanks so much for your comment, Steven. Your words are a comfort to me. You are so dear.

steven said...

bee - i don't know that i've read anyhting by anita brookner although the name is very very familiar. so off i go to find out. steven