Sunday, November 29, 2009

a very ecstacy

i was not more than eighteen
when an inner and esoteric meaning
began to come to me from all the visible universe,
and indefinable aspirations filled me.

i found them in the grass fields,
under the trees,
on the hill-tops,
at sunrise, and in the night.

there was a deeper meaning everywhere.
the sun burned with it,
the broad front of morning beamed with it;
a deep feeling entered me
while gazing at the sky in the azure noon,
and in the star-lit evening.

i was sensitive to all things,
to the earth under,
and the star-hollow round about;
to the least blade of grass,
to the largest oak.

they seemed like exterior nerves and veins
for the conveyance of feeling to me.
sometimes a very ecstasy of exquisite enjoyment
of the entire visible universe filled me.

i was aware that in reality
the feeling and the thought were in me,
and not in the earth or sun;
yet i was more conscious of it when in company with these.

words from richard jefferies' the story of my heart


ellen abbott said...

I really love these photos steven. Worlds within worlds.

steven said...

oh thanks ellen - they're all pictures i've taken except the first. have a lovely day. steven

Golden West said...

I love the close up look at things, Steven - deeper and deeper layers of beauty. And those colors! The red rose looks so velvety, softer than cloth.

Jenny Stevning said...

Yes, wonderful photos with some *****!
Thank you!

Titus said...

steven, just fabulous photographs. I think the rose is my favourite too, but the electic greens of the hostas and the chrysantemum are astonishing too. Wonderful camera work, thoughts suitably provoked.

Seth said...

These photos are gorgeous!

steven said...

hi golden west - i love seeing what i don't see at first. the surprise that in the blur of knowing something there's detail within the detail. that's like meeting people isn't it! steven

steven said...

jenny stevning thankyou for the stars! steven

steven said...

titus thankyou so much for this generous comment! i love richard jeffries' writing. of course!!

steven said...

hello seth! welcome and thankyou so much. i really like them as well. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

It's the story of his heart, but also your heart and mine and a lot of our friends, too. The world is a truly exquisite place.

Liza said...

This is an INCREDIBLE post. I am applauding you right now in my livingroom.
Beautiful, and emotionally stirring.
Thanks for all of that Steven, and for sharing.

steven said...

hey liza thanks for the big thanks!!!!! jeffries' writing is especially amazing and i am very lucky to have some lovely photographs that i thought would go well with the words. steven

steven said...

reya - truly exquisite! from the smallest neutrino to the all of everything. yes it is. steven

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Steven, you know how to dig deep. Jeffers too, of course. A thoughtful marriage of image and text. There is no limit to the wonder, whether macro or micro. "The least blade of grass" indeed.