Sunday, November 29, 2009

tuning the air

if you are lucky enough to live in seattle
or somewhere near there,
here's an experience
that you might want to look into.
performance ensemble "tuning the air" has been playing in the seattle area for more than eight years.

tuning the air began as a development of courses taught by musician robert fripp.
named guitar craft, these courses offered musicians an opportunity
to integrate and refine their work both spiritually and musically.
the guitar craft courses grew out of a request to robert
to provide residential courses at claymont court underscoring
the course's intent and design
through claymont and robert's connection to philosopher j.g. bennett's own work.

these courses generated a number of guitar circles around the world including the seattle circle.

"tuning the air" itself grew out of the seattle circle,
an independent offshoot of guitar craft,
formed in response to a suggestion-challenge presented to members of guitar craft,
that they form a location-based performance ensemble.

the results and the direction they have taken are compelling.

have a look and a listen.

to learn more about the seattle guitar circle you can visit their dedicated website right here.


Jenny Stevning said...

What a cool concept! I am glad I watched the video clip.

Anonymous said...

A really interesting post. Enjoyed watching the video. Makes me want to get the guitar out and make a real effort to challenge my demons!

Dan Gurney said...

Nice! I like the way it elevates the audience.

Their performance is much like Mother Nature's eternal performance: Go outdoors in nature and you can bathe in 360° of sublime beauty.

steven said...

hi jenn - a double posting today and you landed on both! there was a time early in the beginning of this blog that i posted two or three times a day! i was really interested in using this blog as place to share ideas, especially about things that might stretch my reader's sense of the world. so this particular posting hearkens back to that time. thanks for watching and reading. steven

steven said...

hey dunkerswick! nice to see you! get the guitar out no matter what! play like there's no tomorrow. play like there's no yesterday. just play whatever's in the moment. steven

Rachel Fenton said...

Is it compulsory to wear black?

Makes me wish I still had my guitar.

Thanks for posting this.

steven said...

hi dan - i like that as well. the whole concept is much bigger than even theis guitar circle but that's for you to dig up if you want. for now i like that the role of the audience in helping to birth the music is recognized and then also placed. have a lovely evening dan. steven

steven said...

oh rachel! i dunno. i think they probably do this for "show" and i have seen footage of them in downtime playing circles and they are dressed in their civvies. years ago i played bass. i bought an electric guitar one drunken new year's eve. bright red. electric. light the night. steven