Monday, November 30, 2009


through the night
the wind
howled and whistled
for attention.

i gave it my attention
but that wasn't enough.

seeing through
the cracked pane of glass
that frames the view from my bed . . .

a late autumn moon
still high in the sky

last night the wind and rain together blew,
the wall-curtains rustled in their autumn song.
the candle died, the water-clock was exhausted,
i rose and sat, but could not be at peace.
man's affairs are like the flow of floodwater,
a life is just like floating in a dream.
i should more often go drunken through the country,
for otherwise I could not bear to live.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the words and the peek at the moon. I will look up your email address and send you a copy of the crow or one of them by email.

Barry said...

"The moon was a ghostly galleon..." steven.

And frequently is at this time of year.

Jenny Stevning said...

Ahhh...the moon! A good place to pause on a windy night.

Golden West said...

We noted the moon last night as well, so bright in the blackness.

willow said...

We have a cracked pane in one of the front upstairs windows. WT is good at replacing them, but has been busy lately. The west wind blows against it and it's part of the manor's charm.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely moon shot steven and lovely words to accompany it.

Titus said...

Moon fabulous here too steven, though we're seeing it at a different time of day, I presume. Weather sounds very similar though.

Loved the last two lines,
i should more often go drunken through the country,
for otherwise I could not bear to live.

Thank you.

steven said...

hey folks - it's the first version of an event that takes place three times a year. nope not that! it's report card and individual education plan time! hurray!!! what that means is no lunches, no evenings and no weekends for roughly two weeks. it works wonders for the teeny tiny little roll 'round ma belly but it's not so good for my usually well-balanced frame of mind, my body chenistry and most especialy my ability to answer quickly and in depth to your lovely comments. so sorry 'bout that! really i am. but i'm doing my best. steven

Pauline said...


lissa said...

provocative, wonderful contemplation of change and thought