Tuesday, April 15, 2014

twenty four hours (3) friday night to saturday night

leaving maggie's eatery after a yummy brunch, we walked down to pay a visit to naked chocolate where the happy chocolatiers plied us with their fanciful and tasty creations, not to mention the good vibes. that's one happy place to be anytime! here are their hand made and hand painted easter eggs!

from there we drove over to the peterborough garden show.

it's my first time going and i was amazed at the incredible displays and most especially i was happy that the scent of flowers filled the air!

at the show we ran into the wonderful and unrestrained patti peeters …

(patti and i go back almost a quarter century now!) who had an awesome display of plants and was holding court with her many many admirers. if she looks exhausted in this pic that's because she totally was - but happy!

our wanderings eventually brought us to the realm of my chum the master of metallurgical alchemy mr. james pronk who told us some very funny and entirely real stories from his life! you know the kind? where you're listening and thinking "that couldn't have happened" but you know that it entirely did!

the kyoto coffee people were there and the salubrious sarah mcinnis crafted a magical cup of homemade lemonade slush for me.

my body was deeply grateful for the hydration after last night's necessary but ultimately dehydrating excesses!!! we exchanged stories with sarah including a revealing discussion about meetings. meetings people. how many have you attended that resulted in something exceptional, worthy, transformative, or even necessary?! if you've got a story about such a meeting then share it here. oh and meeting your sweetie for the first time doesn't count!!

and then off we went home to look at the little treasures that we had found on our travels, and to laugh at our incredible fortune!

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