Wednesday, April 16, 2014

dropping in on the silver bean - pre season . . .

i went down to the Silver Bean for ice cream this morning and remembered just before i got there . . . they're not open 'till may 1st. which is great if you don't need the business, but if you need the ice cream, that's a different matter!

anyhow. it was snowing (yep it's april 15th and i figure mother nature is having fun cleaning out some snow she's had lying around for the last twenty years or so)

and the lower deck at the bean was flooded over. 

even bean island was submarining in the wake of the torrent of rain water (now become river water) racing to the sea . . .

so i'm going to turn the furnace back on and root around in my freezer tonight for some ice cream . . . . come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn bean . . . .come onnnnnnnnnn may 1st!

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